Why I’m Logging Off and Shutting Down

Margaret —  June 30, 2014 — 26 Comments

Why I’m Logging Off and Shutting Down

Elijah ran hard and fast.

Fearing the threat of Jezebel, he knew he had to get out of Dodge, err… Israel.

Elijah sprinted hard to the point of exhaustion. He collapsed beneath a desert shrub, and, without hope, wanted to die. Death seemed sweeter than the loneliness and fatigue that came from living on the run from the evil Jezebel. Hopeless, he fell asleep.

When Elijah awoke, he was greeted by an angel who fed him bread and gave him water. Infused with hope and the power of God, Elijah had enough sustenance to travel the forty days to Horeb, also known as the mountain of God.

Tucked away in a cave on the mountainside, Elijah heard the voice of God ask:

“What are you doing here, Elijah?”

Elijah exploded with honesty. He figured he had nothing to lose, so why not be completely honest with God? He rattled off the recent events: his attack on the false prophets and Jezebel’s death threats.

But God didn’t answer a single one of Elijah’s concerns. Instead, the Lord commanded Elijah to go to the mountainside and wait for Him to pass by.

As Eljiah waited on God, a powerful, loud wind tore at the mountains, breaking branches and crushing rocks. But the Lord was not in the wind.

Then a terrifying earthquake shook the whole mountain, causing rocks to fall. But the Lord was not in the earthquake.

Then a horrifying fire swept the mountainside, devouring everything in its path. But the Lord was not in the fire.

Then Elijah heard a gentle whisper. The Lord was in this whisper—speaking through the sheer silence, and capturing Elijah’s attention.

Just like Elijah in 1 Kings 19, we all feel frail and weak against our enemies. Like Elijah, we have days when we feel as though we’re at the end of our rope and ready to let go.

But even in those moments, God is on our side. He wants to speak to us!

Though we may desire God to speak through earthshaking moments or thunderous sounds, often He communicates through much gentler means—even in the silence.

When we want to hear from God, we may be expecting to hear His voice come loudly and powerfully, but God frequently speaks in a whisper. You see, when you whisper to a friend, you have to lean in and get close.

When God whispers to us, it’s an invitation to lean in close to our relationship with Him.

This week, we’re taking a break from our Summer Bible Study. A chance to spend time with friends and family and catch up on Bible study homework.

Even more, we’re having a week of silence here at MargaretFeinberg.com, on Facebook, and on Twitter. And here’s why:

Amidst the chaos and clutter of social media, the blog-o-sphere, and technology constantly vying for our attention, rarely do we get a chance to sit and listen for God’s whisper. Distracted, we may be missing out on the intimacy of being still before God.

Sometimes, to hear from God, we need to quiet the world around us.

So what do you say? Will you join us by logging off, shutting down, and staying off social media for a week?

Let’s start today. I can’t wait to hear what God speaks to you during this upcoming week.

Maybe you’ll hear God as we choose to look up from our phones, tablets, and computers. Who knows? You may hear God’s voice through the rays of an early morning sunrise breaking through the clouds. In the pitter-patter of tiny feet playing in the hallway. In the sips of iced coffee as you catch up with a dear friend in real life. As you turn through pages of Scripture. As you whisper silent thanks back to God.

Join us back here on Monday, July 7th to share how God used the week of silence in your life.

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26 responses to Why I’m Logging Off and Shutting Down

  1. I did this last week and was so relaxed and found joy in the silence, talked to God all day and was overwhelmed when he answered me.

    I’ll joyfully join you this week.
    Be blessed and be a blessing <3

  2. Tara Lantieri June 30, 2014 at 4:21 am

    I have felt this nudge myself recently…I will join in!

  3. I haven’t been doing the summer Bible study but have been working through Margret’s book Wonderstruck with a friend. We both read the book last summer but felt it was time to take another look. I have been processing chapter 4 on Rest and also struggling with the idea of taking regular Sabbath times. Thank you for this challenge. I’m going to give it my best shot. Our church is getting ready for VBS next week and other summer plans so I find myself thinking how can I take a rest right now but then that “whisper” says Yes, this is the perfect time. Praying that God will speak to me through this next week and I look forward to coming back and hearing all that God has done in others lives through this time away. May we hear, see, and experience that still small voice in ways we never have before. Thank you Margret!

  4. I take a social media rest every Sunday. My Sabbath’s are without email, wifi, internet, etc… They have always been special days, but now I enjoy them even more since I began feeling called to this weeks ago.

    Love this idea for this week! (WOW..an entire week!!! A little nervous of all the “work” I’ll come back to after the week is over, but it sounds wonderful.)


  5. I usually take a day off on the Sabbath, but this week I’m joining you because I’ve felt a nudging to do more with listening to God and being aware in His presence. See you next Monday!

  6. Hi Margaret,
    I am looking forward to joining in this week. I really need help to focus on our wonderful Lord and Savior but this is so worth the time. God bless you for the idea and let His name be praised.

  7. Margaret, this word feels very much like a Holy Spirit nudge and I sense the need to join you for a one week social media fast. My #oneword365 is ‘listen’ and I’m very much aware how challenging it has been to listen well to God over the last few months. So I am trying to listen to the ‘nudge’, with full awareness that it is not a punishment but a privilege to take time out to allow God to speak more clearly to us. Social media can be great fun, likewise writing and blogging. But they can be insatiable monsters too, draining time, energy and vitality. In drawing aside with deliberation we will create sacred space for God to speak with far less distraction than before. And who wouldn’t want that? Count me in! 🙂

  8. Something about this resonates deep within me. Can I take a week off social media even though my photography site launches tomorrow? Yes. In fact – I’m ecstatic to do it! God’s blessed me so sweetly these past few days, I just know we’re going to have a wonderful week together.
    Thanks for the gentle nudge, Margaret!
    PS: if you see any tweets – they’re being buffered and set up today. After today – I’m off until the 7th!

  9. Every week for a few I had written in my noted journey about “silence”
    That one word kept popping up.
    I had asked God to brakedown the barriers. On 6/10 I began to notice the stillness was like a white page
    I began to organize my surroundings.
    I turned off the tv. I stopped writing emails. It’s just like Jesus went before me and paved the way!!!
    Isaiah 43:4 Eph 3:17 all I can say : this Bible study has opened volumes of unspeakable love and calm I have ever experienced. I’ll be on the silence journey with you all see you 7/7 thank you Margaret and team!!

  10. Hi
    I did do that in April -to May this year. A whole month of sabbatical – it was wonderful.
    I have also found that if I let myself only near the computer for select amounts of time I get more done.
    Have a blessed Spiritfilled week.

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