21 Days of Wonder: Silence

Margaret —  January 21, 2013 — 20 Comments

21 Days of Wonder SILENCE

God often chooses to reveal the wonder of himself in quiet moments. Sit in silence for twenty minutes. Set an alarm if need be, so you know how much time has passed. Keep paper and pen nearby to write down any fluttering thoughts.

Embrace the silence then invite God to speak.

Reflect on what you hear in this posture of listening.

Pray that God reminds you of people for whom you can pray.

Ask God to bring scriptures to mind that He wants you to consider.

Enjoy the wondrous silence of just being with God and in his presence.

Share online in a phrase, a photo, a short expression what you experience, see, learn, or hear while in silence.

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20 responses to 21 Days of Wonder: Silence

  1. Henry Nouwen’s daily meditations have been about solitude…how we move from loneliness to solitude.
    In this place of solitude we face our selves…we can hear the voice of love calling us to Himself…freeing us from the chains that bind us. Through this season of solitude…I hear His voice so much clearer…and feel His loving nearness like never before. blessings

    • Henry Nouwen is a brillant thinker. Thanks so much for sharing, Ro. Praying for you as you move from loneliness to solitude.

  2. I think I’m a dud. I did the 20 minutes of silence. I thought about my cat. I thought about my garden. I thought about what I wanted to do today. I thought about what I wanted to tell my best friend. I looked up wonder in the Bible and read the verses. I did not get any spiritual insights. I did not feel closer to the Lord. I just felt like I sat for 20 minutes. This is often my experience. Are there other people like me? People who try their best to have quiet time with the Lord, but who just don’t do it very well at all. So discouraging.

    • Elisa,

      i think we all feel exactly what you’re feeling–not just with a discipline of silence, but reading the Bible, prayer and more–I know there are days reading the Scripture feels dry and disconnected, days the silence feels like 20 minutes of distraction, days the fasting only makes me want more and more and more food. So what you’re experiencing is normal. But don’t give up!

      maybe instead of 20 minutes of silence start with 10 and when you get distracted, jot down your thoughts, and return to the silence. maybe in the silence consider praying the Lord’s Prayer again…and again..in your mind..allow the words of Jesus to ground you from all the distraction….Silence is a challenge…to learn to embrace the stillness…to allow your mind to be drawn to God..and even the Scriptures…in thanks and quiet gratitude. Praying you continue to persist and pursue….

      Any encouragement from others that you’d like to add for Elisa?

      • I have enjoyed the “Priestly Blessing” it always put me a peace.
        Numbers 6:24-27

        24 “‘“The Lord bless you
        and keep you;
        25 the Lord make his face shine on you
        and be gracious to you;
        26 the Lord turn his face toward you
        and give you peace.”’

        27 “So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them.”

        Before I start I take a deep cleansing breath and concentrate on the words. Then for verse 27, I personalize it for each of my family members. “So I put God’s name on “Don”, and God will bless him.”
        God promises with this scripture that he will bless his children if we ask.

    • Elisa,

      The reason you feel like a “dud” is so you keep coming back to him. If you felt like you accomplished something when you were silent then you may think that you are something. Elisa, you have incredible value; I am not saying you are nothing. What I am saying is that God wants us to be dependent on Him and not trust in our own ability. Relationships take a lot of work and the fact that you had a “bad time of silence” or a messy confusing conversation with him just proves that it is a relationship. Keep coming to him, and keep being honest! I think you will begin to find more and more peace and rest as you come to him each morning. Read over Matthew 11:25-30 and let those words just sit on your heart for 10 minutes as Margaret has suggested! Blessings!


  3. “In the silence of life we come face to face with who we are. Most of us do not like who we are, in fact we are quite uncomfortable with who we are, and so we never risk taking moments of silence.”


  4. Margaret, “Silence” is my word for 2013 so I can experience God more. I’ve been studying Elijah’s experience in 1 Kings 19 which has been a fabulous eye-opener. In particular, Elijah was willing to walk into the emptyness of the desert so he could find God. I’m learning to empty myself so God has room.

    Elisa, please take heart, emptying our minds is almost an unnatural act. I’m still getting used to it 21 days into the year. But keep at it. I’d encourage you to read Elijah’s story and ask yourself the question that God asked him: “What are you doing here, Elisa?” Jot down your thoughts…

    Oh Margaret, whilst I’ve got you. Do you by any chance have a particular Lent study/devotional you use by chance? I’m keen to observe Lent this year. If not, no worries. Thanks


    • Ian,

      Great question on the devotional or study…Last year we invited people to go through Pursuing God’s Beauty: Stories from the Gospel of John DVD and workbook. It will take you through the Gospel of John in 6 weeks culminating with the death and resurrection of Christ. You can find it in our store and even watch a sampler and download a few lessons.

      This year, for Lent, (secret) we’re going to be inviting people to read the entire Bible in 40 days. Yep. It will average about 30 chapters a day–about an hour to read varying on how fast/slow you read–six days a week with one day off throughout Lent. I’m encouraging people to consider using the Message Bible for a fresh look and fresh language of the Scripture. You’re welcome to join in. An official announcement and details will be coming after the 21 Days of Wonder. But how better to spend Lent than laying hold of Scripture! It will kick of February 13.

      • Thanks for responding Margaret. Wow, 40 days for the entire Bible… Hmmm.. now that’s a challenge, but very interesting. The Message Bible would definitely make it easier, I guess. Wonder what Leviticus is like in the Message?

        • Ian,
          Yep. 40 Days. Entire Bible. This is big picture. Drink from a fountain. Slurp. Chug. Spill. But drink fast and furiously of God’s Word. You can do it. Join me!

  5. A group of us have been soaking for about three years. We sit quietly with soft music and then write whatever comes to mind from God. It is amazing how often we confirm each other and are hearing the same thing. God is always amazing…

    • Shirley what an interesting concept! Corporate silence. Beautiful.

      My guess is that the more you “soak” the more you “prune” 🙂 or rather He prunes you (John 15)

      • Phil,

        Our group did a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. God had prepared us through our “Soaking”. We were able to go into homes and pray for them and their family. We were able to recognize what it was they truly needed. This may sound strange to some…but I had a dream a month before we went – of a house with a door and window. It was the house of one of the women we prayed for in the DR. When I told her I had seen her house in my dream, she said she had been praying to God for a sign. This was her sign. God is amazing when you least expect it.

        We came back to Minnesota and started going to home in our community who needed prayer, people who would invite us. Why do we think we need to take mission trips to do God’s work? We need to just look around us…

    • Shirley, that is such a great practice and it is so cool to see how God works between and through us. He surely is amazing.

  6. did not find my own wonder of silence but i did find it in a facebook post of a friend. what a perfect example!! “Cicada’s have always been my ALL TIME favorite sound. The sound that they make relax me so much! Tonight, on Loki’s walk, I realized another one of my favorite sounds is the winter silence. (& our bright moon shining down, making the snow sparkle, made me love my newest favorite sound even more ♥ )”

  7. My favorite silence memory was in the fall. I would lay down on the rugged bench my husband made me, close my eyes and listen to the leaves fall to the ground. God’s creation, nature all around us, so perfect in every way. Just to be in God’s presence and knowing he is there…

  8. warriorforchrist January 27, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Sitting in silence is something I desperately need to do.

    • Warriorforchrist– were you able to spend time in silence? If not– I challenge you to set aside time today to do so!

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