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When God Feels 10,000 Miles Away

If you’re feeling disconnected or far away from God, I’d like to offer you a word of encouragement from the book of Isaiah:

In Isaiah 29:13, God says, “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.” 

The verse describes people going through the motion of faith. They’re doing and saying the right things but their hearts couldn’t be further from God. I think if we’re honest, we all have those moments where our relationship with God isn’t as vibrant as we want it to be. You may be in one of those seasons right now—when God feels 10,000 miles away.

If so, keep reading in Isaiah. Look what God does!

Isaiah 29:14 says, “Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder.”  [TWEET THIS]

Think about that. The answer isn’t found in more faith, greater obedience, or practicing extra spiritual disciplines.

God responds by giving the people Himself.

Do you see it?


“I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder”—a God whose name is literally Wonderful, a God who is full of wonder, is giving the people the greatest gift of all—Himself! [Tweet this.]

And all they have to do is receive it.

As you pray for wonder today, ask God to help you become more receptive to Him and the work He’s doing all around you. Live today eyes wide and hands open to receive all God has for you. 

Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge: Join friends from around the globe who want to experience the wonder of God. Share a photo of something that displays the wonder of God. It may be in the sweet snuggles of your fluffy puppy, the sun peeking over the mountain tops, or in relationships with your friends, spouses, or in-laws. Take a picture. Write a blog post. Share on your Facebook page. Create a Pinterest. Tweet. And each time you do, use the hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. We all need to be each other’s eyes and ears and hands when it comes to recognizing and experiencing the wonder of God.

We’re going to be scouring the internet looking for people who are choosing to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK every day. On the first day of each month, beginning February 1 throughout all of 2013, we’re going to be picking someone who is living wonderstruck to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. And at the end of the year, we’re going to pick someone who has been living wonderstruck to receive a Grand Prize. We’re still finalizing the details, but let’s just say it’s something that is truly wonderful.


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