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Maybe you’re in a season of abundance. You have favor and delight and more opportunities than you know what to do.

Maybe you’re in a season of grace. You’re learning your limitations, discovering weaknesses, and awakening to God’s provision in the midst.

Maybe you’re in a season of adversity. Your marriage or finances or health or job is relationships are crumbling.

No matter what season you find yourself in, your Heavenly Father wants to speak to you.

The beginning of a new year provides an opportunity for reflection and vision cast. This season is to both look back and press forward in our relationship with God.

Over the past few years, I’ve asked God to give #oneword for the upcoming year.

One word that I can study.

One word that will perk my ears every time it appears.

One word that can be used to know the depths of God’s heart.

One word that will lead me closer to Christ.

Previous years’ words include—listen, wonder, joy, love,

I recently asked for your advice and many of you shared the one word God is speaking to you. Your words took my breath away and made me ache for Jesus more.  Abide. Reset. Discipline. Balance. Renewal. Perseverance. Flourish. Intentional. Joy. Trust.

This year I’m inviting you to ask God for your one word.

The word He wants to use to transform you and make you radiant like Christ.

Our team put together this FREE One Word Guide to help you select your #oneword for this year.

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