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People who never doubt, never question scare me.


Doubt, second-guessing, and wrestling with God are part of my nature, part of me moving toward deeper understanding the nature of God.

Maybe you struggle in following Jesus, too. If so, we’re in good company.

In the Day 12 reading of the #LentChallenge of #Beloved, we find ourselves surrounded by people who are as baffled by Jesus.

They want Jesus to be something He’s not.
They want to find Jesus but can’t.
They want to follow Jesus but don’t know the way.

Can you relate?

John 6:15-25 opens with people who are confident they’ve dialed in the identity of Jesus.

They believe the divine baker (John 6:1-14) is their king.

They are 100% right and 100% wrong all at the same time. (A lot like us.)

Jesus disappears.

The disciples don’t know Jesus’ location either. They head toward Capernaum in hopes of finding Him.

Jesus finds them first. They wet their pants. Okay, maybe their pants are already wet from the storm, but a dozen grown men are t-e-r-r-i-f-i-e-d.

Jesus appears.

The people who stay on the shore wait for Jesus. But Jesus isn’t there.

Jesus keeps moving.

A group of boaters go all Sherlock Holmes to track Jesus. Confused, they ask, “When do you get here?”

Jesus baffles.

The people. The disciples. The shore dwellers. The boaters.

All remind us that following Jesus is mind-bending and soul-baffling at times.

Confession: Reading this passage made me feel like I was playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?” with the Son of God.

The call to follow Jesus rings simple and clear, but the journey of following Jesus is hard and confusing and strange and sometimes unexplainable.

Jesus refuses to be something He’s not.
Jesus sometimes tugs back to draw us close.
Jesus doesn’t always make the path clear or clear the path in the way we expect.

So if you find yourself…

struggling to follow Jesus.
holding onto a thread of faith.
wondering why God feels so far away.

Know that you’re in good company. The crowds, the disciples, those who sought Jesus all felt those things, too.

Sometimes you must let go of what you knew to know Jesus anew.

Day 12: John 6:15-35 Discussion Questions:

  1. Are drawn toward or repelled by people who doubt and question? Explain.
  2. How have you grown spiritually through your doubts and hard questions?
  3. Which type of people do you most relate to at this moment in your life—the crowds, the disciples, the shore dwellers or the boaters? Explain.
  4. Using the Color Method, what stood out to you most from today’s reading?
  5. What do you find most challenging about today’s reading? What do you find most comforting about today’s reading?

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