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As a child, my mom and dad were people I like to call “adventurents”-that’s a hybrid of adventurers and parents.

We moved all over the country and embarked on all kinds of wild capers.

One night they were having dinner at a marina when they saw a sailboat go by and thought to themselves, “We should do that!”

They soon found a yacht broker and purchased a sailboat. Not knowing the first thing about sailing, boat engines, or basic safety, we set off for the Caribbean. We barely made it back alive from that first voyage-which to this day is one of the reasons I think I don’t write fiction. Why make things up when you live the harrowing adventure?

We returned to the Bahamas many times. For third grade, I was even boat-schooled. It’s similar to homeschooling, but you check-in with accrediting agency far less often.

To this day, I’m convinced that one of the mostest bestest everest things about living on a boat are the sunrises and sunsets. Floating on the sea provides one of the best vantage points for admiring the masterpieces as God carefully brushstrokes each dawn and dusk.

But God doesn’t just like to paint, God also likes flare.

So right after the sun dips below the horizon, when all the clouds and rays of light properly align themselves, a green beam sometimes shoots up from the place the sun disappeared. This is known as the “Green flash.”

This probably sounds fantastical enough that you’re tempted not to believe.

But I dare you to Google it. Or just click here:

As a child, I’d sit on the deck of the sailboat with my parents and watch the sun set-colors sizzling and melting all over each other. Then we’d hold our breath and stare into the brightness. And on rare occasions, we’d see the green flash. The emerald beam was a kind of holy encore that whispered from God, “I’m not done yet!”

I don’t live on a boat anymore. Or anywhere near the water. But I still find myself looking for the holy encore. In people’s lives. In everyday life. That radiant beam of God that says, “I’m not done yet!”

What holy encore has God been revealing to you recently?

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