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This year’s calendar contains poetic beauty for people of faith. Maybe in your New Year’s planning you noticed already. Or perhaps missed you missed it. Let me explain how I discovered these divine details… but first…

For years, I’ve experienced wonder that the 40-days preceding Easter can be some of the most life-giving, perspective-changing, hope-filled days of the entire year—not just for me, but for you.

A few years ago, we read the entire Bible during Lent. The following year we read the entire New Testament, then the Gospels, then Luke-Acts. Hundreds of thousands from around the world have joined us in reawakening to God through focused Bible reading, study, and reflection.

After much prayer, I’m inviting YOU to join me in reading one of the most remarkable books of the Bible: The Gospel of Mark.

I’m thrilled to announce the brand new Remarkable: 40-Days in the Book of Mark which includes a reading guide that divides this action-packed gospel into 40 sections. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • A Welcome Letter
  • The Reading Plan
  • Instructions on How to Use the Color Method
  • The full text in various translations
  • 40 Devotionals
  • 40 Sets of Discussion Questions
  • Small coloring images to help you reflect and doodle

Remarkable creates a space for you to study Scripture in a way that primes your heart to hear from God through familiar passages in a fresh way.

Last year, we received steaming emails from people who waited to order, and we sold out. Once again, this will be an extremely limited edition. You can secure your copy today.

But back to the surprising way the calendar lines up.
Lent begins off on Valentines Day—February 14.
And Easter falls on April 1—April Fool’s Day.

Do you see the poetic beauty?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of love. How better to celebrate the love of Christ then by entering Lent to prepare our hearts and minds for the Resurrection?

And April Fools reminds us of the best April Fools’ prank of all time. We thought Christ was dead and gone, but Christ lives!

You’ll have it in-hand well before the kick off of Lent on February 14. (Yes, Lent really is that early this year).

Or if you want to use it for your spring Bible study, you can use it for that, too! (The dates aren’t included, making this a timeless 40-day study).

Even if you can’t commit to read through the Gospel of Mark, will you commit to dive into one book of the Bible or study an Epistle, or just read the red words of Christ this Lent?

Let’s not miss our moment to grow closer to Jesus this spring.

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