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I made an incredible discovery when I was in Israel recently! 

I spent several weeks doing deep research throughout the tiny country and geeking out studying at the world-class Israel Museum in Jerusalem. 

One particular display caught my eye: two ankle bones pinned together by a long metal nail. 

The curator explained its remarkableness. In all the excavations in Israel, this was one of the only where they’d discovered the ankle bones WITH a nail. 

It baffled archaeologists. 


Crucifixion in Rome was a common form of execution. They should have found thousands upon thousands. 

Then archaeologists realized why the nails weren’t with the bodies. 

Those who were crucified were criminals, the lowest of the low. And those large metal nails were valuable. 

Guess what those who worked in the death industry were commanded to do? 

Reuse the nails. 

So when Isaiah 53:5 prophecies of God’s plan to bring redemption to humanity, it says, “He was wounded for our transgressions.”

Our healing flows through the wounds of Christ.

On that fateful day, when Jesus was punctured and pinned to a tree, most likely, the nails they used had already burst through those crucified before him and would slice through those crucified after him. 

That’s how far Christ will go to redeem humanity and draw all people to himself. Even through Roman death tools, His invitation to healing and salvation extends to all, all, all. 

Dear ones, be encouraged! 

Even through the uncertainty, the shaky, and the quaky, Jesus has given you everything. Turn toward His holy embrace. 

I love you. 

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