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The Toughest Question You’ll Ever Have to Answer

Throughout the Bible, humans inundate God with questions.

Why? Why? Why?

How long?

How much longer?

Where have you gone?

Yet God also has tough questions of His own.

Who told you that you were naked?

Who do you say I am?

Who touched me?

Perhaps the toughest of all the questions God ever asks is…

Where are you?

It traces back to the garden and involves far more than any location, latitude, or longitude. This question leaves us naked and exposed.

Though subtle, this is a question that emerges in Luke 22-24. Today is Day 29 in the #LentChallenge, reading though the Gospels in preparation for Resurrection Sunday. To download a free copy of the reading plan, click here.

The Toughest Question You’ll Ever Have to Answer

The final chapters of Luke walk us down the painful road of preparing for the Passover, a betrayal with a smooch on the cheek, an illegal trial before a fox of a leader, the pulverization of Jesus’ flesh, followed by a heart throbbing resurrection and reappearance.

These core chapters tenderize our hearts for the coming of Easter. Yet as I read, the imagery of bread in Jesus’ calloused hands kept reappearing.

He takes the bread.

He blesses the bread.

He breaks the bread.

He gives the bread.

The Toughest Question You’ll Ever Have to Answer





These activities display the life of Christ.

Taken by God.

Blessed by God.

Broken by God.

Given by God.





The same verbs used when Jesus feeds the 5000.

The same active expressions during the Passover.

The same actions that follow the hike to Emmaus.

These verbs don’t just reveal the life of Christ, but the life of you and me.

Perhaps you’re in a place where you’re being taken to deeper places in your affection and adoration of God.

Perhaps you’re in seasons of being blessed by God in ways you’ve never imagined.

Perhaps you’re being broken, knowing that the pain and suffering you’ve experienced means life will never be the same.

Perhaps you’re in a time of giving of yourself—more than you ever calculated or thought possible.

The toughest question you’ll ever have to answer is of garden variety:

Where are you?

What do I most need to read but least want to hear?


Where are you?

It’s no secret that I’ve been in a battle with cancer. If you’ve read Fight Back with Joy or gone through the 6-session Fight Back With Joy DVD Bible study (Lifeway), then you know my body is still recovering from being broken—literally.

Where am I?


Still broken. Becoming stronger every day. Fighting back with joy every chance I get.

Finding delight in continuing to write, speak at events (maybe near you), and walk the #LentChallenge beside you.

But I am still broken.

Today, I ask for your continued prayers for healing—physically, spiritually, emotionally, on every level. That the One who died for us will bring healing and a long, long string of zeros.

Now I must ask you:

Where are you?

Taken by God? Blessed by God? Broken by God? Given by God? Or a blend of two or more?

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