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Several years ago, I spent time with several vintners to better understand vine and wine imagery throughout the Bible.

This became the foundation for a portion of the Scouting the Divine book and Bible study—this is the Bible study we’re diving into during our online summer study.

I wanted to understand what Jesus meant when he said: “I am the vine and the branches.” What was the deal with turning water into wine? Why are grapes and wine so prevalent throughout the pages of Scripture?

In John 15:1-11, we discover Jesus’ choice final syllables before his arrest.

This is where he blows on the embers of the disciples’ faith.

Moments later the lights go out for all of the disciples.

The world becomes as dark as night. But Jesus’ words on this fateful eve aren’t just for them, they’re for us.

Today. Here. Now.

Jesus I am’s his followers again. The way. The truth. The life. The light. The resurrection. The shepherd. Now, the vine.

In Scouting the Divine, I spent time visiting various vintners—grape growers—some who raised tens of thousands of acres, others who managed boutique wineries with tiny plots. Though their methods differed, the principle remained:

When you’re joined to the Vine, the relationship is intimate and organic, the harvest abundant. 

When you’re separated from the vine, you’re deadwood.

A good vintner knows…

Expect lots of hands on time.

Expect intimate involvement.

Expect wild tendrils.

Expect paring down.

Expect abundance.

If. You. Abide. In. Me.

The Father invites us to make home our home in Him. Take up residence. Put up the mailbox. Lay down the carpet. Paint the walls. Hang the artwork. Turn on the teakettle. Nestle in the comfy chair. Invite the neighbors over. Reside in Him.

At the heart of this invitation is God’s heart. 

Just as the Father loves Jesus, so Jesus loves us.

We are created to abide and flourish in God’s love. To blossom. To produce succulent, sweet fruit. To flavor the world.

All is founded and grounded in love.

Discovering God’s love. Recognizing ourselves as the Beloved. Become love to others. This kind of love flows to and through. As we abide in Him.

And the rich yield of this kind of life: Joy. Joy. Joy.

My JOY may be in you, and that your JOY may be made full.

In the most beautiful way, I needed to be reminded of God’s endless fount of love.

Each week, we’re going to dive into a session of Scouting the Divine book and Bible Study. (It’s not too late to join us!)

This week:

  • Watch.Session 5: Experiencing God’s Tender Care(8:25) on the DVD.
  • Write.Respond Session 5 of homework in the workbook(pages 84-101).
  • Read.Chapter 4.1 – 4.8 (pages 155-178) in the book.
  • Interact in the Private Facebook Group. Share what ideas or phrases that catch your attention. What God is challenging or showing you through the material. How we can pray for you. And of course, you’re welcome to send in quirky questions, too, since I’ll be interacting with them throughout our time together.
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Are you in a living in harsh soil? What fruit are you seeing in this season of life?

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