The Penthouse Trailer Park: Welcome to Capetown

Leif and I made our way safely to Capetown in a blur of time zones that leave us looking outside and wondering what time it is and whether or not it even matters. We’re staying at The Granddaddy Hotel—a mod hotel in downtown a few blocks from where the Lausanne World Congress will begin meeting tomorrow afternoon. I’m not one to note which hotel we’re staying in (though we often note what we nickname our rental cars), but this one is extraordinary because we’re staying in an airstream on the roof.

Leif discovered this hotel in a popular travel magazine before we booked our trip to Capetown. The Granddaddy Hotel has a half dozen airstream trailers on its roof all decorated with different themes. Ours is the Goldilocks themes. That means we have wolves (who hopefully won’t blow our trailer down), bears both stuff and painted, and a manikin head with a blonde wig among other bizarre and beautiful one-of-a-kind Americana décor. Along with some friskier Goldilock pics that we’ve covered up with a towel in the bathroom. The trailer is tiny, but Leif has a little extra footroom on the bed and though he has to hunch over in the shower, this unforgettable crash pad is worth any moments of tight quarters. We’ll be here a few nights before moving into a more traditional room for the rest of Lausanne.

On our flight, we were met by Jan in Johannesburg, who will be our host and guide after our time in Lausanne. I’ll be teaching at his church as well as Third Place in two weekends. What a privilege to be greeted by a familiar face and yummy dinner at Nando’s (fast food chicken yum made tasty by a magic sauce known as Peri-Peri). We were greeted by Hans and Susan (Leif’s brother and sister-in-law) when we landed in Capetown, and seeing them is a delight! We look forward to touring with them today.

Throughout the week, I will post updates, insights, and hopefully some pictures of all we’re experiencing and learning at Lausanne and in South Africa. We would appreciate your prayers for the Chinese delegation who are being detained by their home country and not allowed to travel to this event. A few others from different countries are also being held back. Pray for favor among government officials and leaders for their attendance.

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