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The Biggest Challenge Facing Evangelicals: An Interview with Scot McKnight Part I

It’s a privilege to be part of The Origins Project, and get to spend time with Scot McKnight. If you’re not familiar with Scot, you need to be! McKnight is a professor at North Park University, author of more than thirty books including Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others, and writes the popular blog, Jesus Creed, on Beliefnet. In addition, he’s an articulate, smart-kid whose accessible, funny, and feisty, not to mention a great guy.

I recently caught up with Scot to talk more in depth about what he sees as the greatest challenge facing evangelicals. I wanted to share some highlights from that conversation with you this week:

Margaret: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing evangelicals?

Scot: The biggest challenge facing American evangelicals is Christian universalism.

Margaret: What do you mean by Christian universalism?

Scot: Christian universalism if the belief that everyone will eventually be saved because of what Christ has done. Christian universalism differs from raw pluralism. Pluralism is the belief that no religion offers superiority in the process of redemption. With pluralism, all religions lead us to the same god and the same ends. The distinction for Christian universalists is that what God did for humans in Christ will redeem all humans, whether they are Hindus, Muslims, or atheists, all will eventually be saved.

Margaret: What do you think is contributing to the rise of Christian universalism?

Scot: I think many young evangelical adults who have been reared in the church have imbibed pluralism and tolerance from their years in the public educational system.

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