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21 Days of Wonder

As followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity to live each day in wild amazement of God. If we pay attention, we can begin discovering the wonders all around us—those moments of spiritual awakening that spark our curiosity to know God more.

For the next 21-Days we’re challenging you to find the wonder in your life. We’re praying that during the next 21 days, you will sense the Holy Spirit leading you to do and say things you may have passed by before.

So, every day we will focus on a different opportunity to find wonder in the ordinary (and sometimes the extraordinary), and we invite you to post your experiences, your aha moments, and your photos that display what you’re discovering along the way. Whether you post on Facebook or your blog, Pin on Pinterest, Instagram or Tweet, use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. We’re going to be looking for you, celebrating with you, and even giving gifts to you along the way.

Tomorrow we’re going to kick off the 21-Day Wonder Challenge. A different activity is provided for each day. To prepare, will you join me right now in praying for wonder.

Ask God to unleash His wonder in your life like you’ve never experienced it before. Now live today expectant for how God is going to answer.

Today: Post, pin, or proclaim a prayer for wonder.

Example: God, show me your wonder. I want to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK


It’s never too late to join the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge. Grab a friend and begin the dare to LIVEWONDERSTRUCK starting today!

Day 1: Beauty

Day 2: Reflection

Day 3: Time

Day 4: Hope

Day 5: Creation

Day 6: Forgiveness

Day 7: Silence

Day 8: Relationship

Day 9: Sky

Day 10: Stillness

Day 11: Dream

Day 12: Prayer

Day 13: Letter

Day 14: You

Day 15: Sunset

Day 16: Rest

Day 17: God

Day 18: Restore

Day 19: Appreciation

Day 20: Meaning

Day 21: Listen


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