Write Brilliant

A couple of millennia ago a tentmaker found himself in prison after stirring a public dispute. The longer he sat in the cell, the more he felt neglected and forgotten. Yet he managed to push through the darkness and depression to pen a series of letters.

Meanwhile, Roman emperor Nero lived with extreme wealth and power. He loved writing and became quite prolific.

Almost 2000 years later, none of his literary work remains.

Yet those letters from an imprisoned man named Paul haven been printed and read by hundreds of millions of people.

The Book of Philippians is written by an overcomer to a church of overcomers that teaches us how to be overcomers.

We were overwhelmed by the response to Beloved: 40 Days in the Gospel of John for Lent. Many of you have been asking, “What’s next?”

After much thought and prayer, I’m thrilled to announce the summer study will be:

Overcomer: A 4-Week Study in Philippians (Pre-order Here)

You’re invited to join me and some incredible friends to party in Philippians this summer. (Thank you, Skip, for that phrase).

Beginning June 17, we will spend four weeks reading and studying. In Overcomer, you’ll discover:

– A Welcome Letter
– The Reading Plan
– Instructions on How to Use the Color Method
– 20 Daily Bible readings
– 20 Devotions
– 20 Sets of Discussion Questions
– 20 Hand-selected Quotes
– Space to take notes and doodle and color around each day’s reading

I’ll be popping on Facebook Live each week to encourage and challenge you as we read together.

This will be a small print run.

I say that because some of you sent some less-than-friendly emails when you discovered the Beloved study sold out so fast.

You can PRE-ORDER here to ship June 5. Again, sorry to everyone who missed out last time because they didn’t order soon enough. Hint, hint: Please don’t be that person this time.

Let’s spend some time together diving into the Book of Philippians and learning to be overcomers together.