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How to Live as a Rich Christian in a World of Poverty

As Spiderman’s uncle reminds us, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

If you are able to access this post, you rank among the most wealthy and free on the planet.

But what will you do with that wealth and freedom?

Today, we celebrate Day 11 in the #LentChallenge reading though the Gospels in preparation for Resurrection Sunday. To download a free copy of the reading plan, click here. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the weekly posts from Shelly Miller, Jenni Catron, Catalyst, and Dr. Craig Blomberg.

In Matthew 24-25, Jesus, the One known for heralding good news, broadcasts hard news.

Deceivers will ransack lives.

Famed structures will crumble.

Earthquakes will topple records.

Famines will steal lives.

Believers will be macheted, shot, buried in mass graves.

All of these will come, have come, and fill our headlines today.

Jesus warns “the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.” A reversal of creation will take place. Then Jesus will appear.

I suspect Jesus return won’t be on Instagram or Twitter, as for once, we drop our screens and bow our knees to the arrival of the Redeemer.

Jesus’ message throughout these chapters is concise and simple:

Be prepared.

Be ready.

Be active.

Do good.

He peppers stories with longing brides, oil and gold, investments and livestock to challenge us to be people who bring in the kingdom of God through everyday means:

See those in hunger = Feed them.

See those in thirst = Beverage them.

See those naked = Clothe them.

See those hospitalized = Visit them.

See those imprisoned = Go to them.

These simple acts separate sheep from goats, religious leaders from good Samaritans, overjoyed brides from those who miss their wedding day. This is how we are to live as rich Christians in a world of poverty.

Those with the least teach me the most

And we must do this, I sense, not just because with great wealth by the world’s standards comes great responsibility.

But because having people in our lives who are hungry, thirsty, naked, hospitalized, and imprisoned makes us rich in the kingdom of God.

Over the last two years, as I’ve learned to fight back with joy, I’ve discovered that time and time again, those with the least tend to teach me the most.

What do I most need to read but least want to hear?


That all too often I’m blinded by busyness, tasks, the pace of life, my own self-interests to see those in need and respond. I want to do all the things Christ commands, before I can…I must have my eyes more fully open to see the people right before me. And I must become more intentional about having the people who truly make me kingdom rich in my life.

What do you most need to read but least want to hear from today’s reading? Share in the comments below.


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