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Hey Friends!

Perhaps today, you find yourself in the midst of the unknown. Waiting for that which is not yet. Waiting for decisions to be made outside your control. Waiting for clarity amid the fogginess in your physical body, finances, or future.

You know you won’t be where you are forever, yet you don’t know how long until things change.

The middle aches with unmet expectations, lingering disappointments, and a litter of chaos thrown in.

Yet Genesis reminds us that it has been this way from the start.

In the beginning, the story goes, God handcrafted the heavens and the earth.

Yet this unfolding didn’t happen in a snap. Long before the raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries grew sugary and sweet, we’re told the earth was formless, empty, and dark (Genesis 1:2).

Sometimes being between that which was and that which will be feels that way.

Formless. Empty. Dark.

But it’s in that void, the muddled soup, that we first glimpse the Spirit of God.

“The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters” (Genesis 1:2)

Yes, the Spirit was brooding, sweeping, intimately watching, with eager expectation and anticipation. The Spirit knew what was coming next and awaited God’s next syllables when light would pierce the darkness forever.

I don’t know today what you’re facing… the shards of crushed dreams, the marriage that’s grown icy cold, the body that aches for no more pain.

I sense Holy Spirit gently reminding us…

As believers, we have always been Betwixt & Betweeners.

Some call this liminal space–that residence between that which was and is not yet.

But you are never there alone.

Today, remember, just as the Spirit brooded over the waters, He broods over you. He will bring Form to the formless, Presence to the emptiness, and Light to the darkness.

Though you can’t see it yet.

God knows His way through the chaos.

God knows His way around the dark.

May you sense His Presence like the ruah or breath of the Spirit–in you, over you, all around you.

With all my love,


(Pursuer of the Spirit this Lent)

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