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Join 50,000 People Reading Through the Gospels for Lent Beginning February 18

Imagine spending the next 40 days drinking in the teachings of Jesus, watching his jaw-dropping miracles unfold, and falling more in love with God with each turning page.

You’re invited to come along as we read the Gospels during Lent 2015 beginning on February 18.

Two years ago, I prayed, “God, what do you want me to lay hold of through Lent.” I felt led to read through the entire Bible in 40 days. We posted a reading plan online and more than 5000 people downloaded it in the first few days.

Last year, I invited you to join me in reading through the entire New Testament for Lent. Friends joined in including, YouVersion, Catalyst Conference, and many more. Over 50,000 people asked to receive a copy of the reading plan.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that so many are setting apart time to dive into the Scriptures and prepare their hearts for Easter. We expect the numbers to multiply again this year, but honestly, who cares? We’re just thrilled people are committing to set apart time to seek Christ and God’s leading in their lives.

This year, I sense we’re supposed to go deeper in the Scripture during Lent and focus on the Gospels.

Matthew. Mark. Luke. John. Or as I like to say it, “Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.”

Our friends at the Catalyst Conference will be joining us along with YouVersion Bible App, Jenni Catron at Cultivating Leaders, and Shelly Miller at Redemption’s Beauty,

I’m THRILLED New Testament Scholar Craig Blomberg, will be joining us. Every week, he will be answering YOUR questions as you read—offering insight, background, and understanding to confusing and difficult texts.

We will launch into this #LentChallenge on Wednesday, February 18th, wrapping up on Easter (April 5th). Our hope and prayer is that at the end of the next 40 days, you’ll be so spiritually full, you’ll never want to live on empty again.


What You Need:

  1. A copy of the FREE Lent Challenge: 40 Day New Testament Reading Guide PDF download.
  2. The Bible in your favorite translation. (Or download a copy of the Audio Bible. Or download the YouVersion app)
  3. A prayerful heart—ready and expectant for what God has to teach you in the next 40 days.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Carve out 10-15 minutes to read the Bible each day. The Gospels contain 89 chapters. That means reading the Bible in 40 days requires reading about 2.2 chapters per day. About 10-15 minutes a day for forty days—and you’ll journey through the Gospels. This may mean logging off Facebook, deleting Trivia Crack, or waiting to watch the latest episode of Duck Dynasty until later. Gasp (my fave show).
  2. Before you read each day, begin with the prayer: “As I read today, Lord, reveal that which I most need to hear but least want to hear.” Be alert to what God reveals.
  3. Invite someone to join you. No matter what challenge or goal you set, it’s always easier when you have someone to cheer you on, hold you accountable, and adventure alongside of you. Ask your small group, Men’s or Women’s Bible study, congregation, neighbor, co-worker, in-law, or spouse to join you! Invite non-believers to learn more about Jesus.
  4. Share what you’re learning during these 40 days on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or your own blog using the hashtag: #LentChallenge. Join our community—there’s plenty of room for you.
  5. If you miss a day, pick up where you left off. No guilt. No shame. Pick up wherever we are, don’t worry about catching up. Just more Jesus every day.

Share the Free Lent Reading Guide:

Download the Lent Challenge: 40 Day Gospel Reading Guide, here. Invite your friends using this link:

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