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I’ve read the book of James hundreds of times, but recently learned something new that changed the way I read it forever.

Even though Jesus’ name is only explicitly mentioned twice in the entire book of James, scholars note that James sounds more like Jesus than any other letter in the New Testament—even those written by Paul or John. 😮

Why does James sound so much like Jesus? It’s not just because James grew up in the same household as Jesus or splashed in the same mud puddles, it’s because James constantly draws from the teachings of Jesus.

If you take the Sermon on the Mount and overlay it with the book of James, you’ll start to think James was plagiarizing his brother—in all the BEST ways!

When we’re reading James, we must remember, in many ways, we’re really reading Jesus. This is something that I constantly highlight in the brand new James: What You Do Matters 5-Session Bible study.

🎁 I want to give you a special gift so YOU can see the parallels, too! 🎁

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I hope you enjoy! And I can’t wait to see the photos of you and your friends and small groups going through the new James Bible study together this spring! We love praying for you and cheering on.

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