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Have you ever been around people who radiate joy?

The sense of delight permeates their being, their expressions, and even their words. Joy sparkles in their eyes. Joy saturates their voice. Glimpses of joy appear in their posture, the way they carry themselves. Joy is a hard emotion to hide. I can’t help but think God designed it this way.

The expressions of joy, rejoicing, merriment, and more are found more than 400 times throughout the Bible. As children of God, we’re called and created to be joyful.

Our God is a God of joy. God rejoices in creation. From the very beginning, God scanned what he had made and declared its goodness. The Psalms remind us that God’s creation enters into the joy of its Creator. The sunrise and the sunset shout for joy. Even the meadows and valleys join in the chorus. The trees of the forest sing for joy while the rivers clap their hands.

If creation celebrates in God’s joy, how much more should you and I?

We are meant to radiate joy everywhere we go. As God’s children, we have joy not in spite of our circumstances but because of them. We are drenched in the grace and mercies of God. Joy is a facet of the fruit of God’s Spirit meant to flourish within us.

Yet the weeks leading up to Christmas are often filled with lists and lines, to-dos and to-don’ts.

If we’re not careful, a season meant to bring the greatest joy, can steal our joy. Yet Advent beckons us to slow down and prepare for the arrival of a tiny heartbeat.

Join me from December 1st to December 25th on an advent-ure as we spark joy in the midst of this holiday season.

Over the next four weeks, we’re going to slow to a stroll as we meander through Luke’s opening chapters that detail the birth of Christ.

Come along as we unwrap the wonder of Advent this December. Don’t worry—it won’t take too long. We’ll spend about 20 minutes each weekday as we explore the greatest gift of all: Christ.

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