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“When we’re at our very worst,
God still loves us as if we’re at our very best.”

What would a flourishing life look like for you? Take a moment and imagine….

Instead of surviving your days, you savor each moment. You pour into the lives of others, and it’s a joy, not a chore. Every hour, you are deeply, dazzlingly aware of God’s love and presence.

God intends this flourishing life for you. And it can start today.

Join Margaret Feinberg for this unique fifty-two-week devotional as you cultivate a life blooming with God’s love. Margaret understands what it’s like to feel parched and dry, alone in a desert. Through her winsome stories and heart for Scripture’s healing beauty, you’ll discover deep and abiding encouragement on every page. It’s like reading a treasured letter from a longtime friend. You’ll also find beautiful coloring pages beckoning you to slow down, pray, and reflect on Scripture. What better way to etch the Creator’s words on your heart?

No matter what you’ve been through or what you’re facing now, God longs for you to thrive. To revel in His presence. To cast aside your worries. To love without restraint.

The lush life awaits. Are you ready to flourish?

“God remains faithful even when we are faithless.”

in the depths of God’s immeasurable love.

through persistent and consistent prayer.

by facing the fears that hold you back.

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