A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

A baby bird flew into our house.

I’d left the back door open to drink in the crisp air never expecting a winged creature to begin whizzing through various rooms, perching on door frames, staring at me from the ceiling fan.

Leif and I tried everything we knew to scoot our new friend to safety. The tiny bird didn’t understand that the dashing was dangerous. The distrust made it more difficult to set him free.

The incident reminded me that we do this sometimes, too.

We can become so focused on our circumstance, problem, or adversity that we actually make things worse.

Rather than dart in fear, we can choose to still ourselves with trust. [Tweet this]

Rather than flee, we can choose to feel—and be honest about what we’re feeling with God. [Tweet this]

Rather than exhaust ourselves in panic, we can choose to enter the sanctuary of rest. [Tweet this]

A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

No matter what situation or set of circumstances we find ourselves boxed in by, we can remember that God is with us. And He wants to set us free.

From the doubt. From the pain. From the loss. From the hopelessness. From the depression. From the brokenness. From the disappointment. From all that ensnares us.

A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

Whatever you may be facing, God’s presence remains. Nothing escapes his notice.

The tiny bird landed on the floor and began bouncing across the carpet. As Leif and I approached, he paused to look at us. I dropped a soft t-shirt over his small frame and carried him outside. He began to chirp, singing thanks. Unwrapping the binding, our new friend launched into the air and into life again.

A Whole New Way To Think About Fear That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

In whatever circumstance, diagnosis, or adversity you find yourself in, my prayer is that you’ll remember who longs to set you free. It may get dark, but know God is with you and for you. And one day you will soar to new heights through Him.

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