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How to Download a Free Advent Devotional: Will you join me on an ADVENT-ure?

Will you join me on an ADVENT-ure?

If you’re like me, the weeks leading up to Christmas are all too often filled with lists and to-dos. Instead of living in wild expectation of Jesus’ birth, I find myself standing in lines at grocery stories, boutiques, and big box stores.

I want to be looking for God in the snowflakes and crow’s song, in friendships and dirty mangers, but all too often, I’m distracted by the busyness of the Christmas season. This Christmas, I want to live with eyes wide open, in divine expectation that God is ready to meet me wherever I am. And I hope you’ll join me.

Join me as we #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK by our great God this Advent season.

Come along as we unwrap the wonder of Advent this December. Don’t worry– it won’t take too long. We’ll spend about 20 minutes each weekday as we explore the greatest gift of all: Christ.

The best part is, it’s free.

Click here to download the FREE Unwrapping Advent: Celebrating the Wonder of Jesus’ Arrival Then and Now 4-week devotional.

When you sign up, you’ll receive each day’s post in your inbox and receive a link to download the FREE Advent devotional, as well as several other resources as you as you uncover the wonder each day.

Whether you’re new to celebrating Advent or you’ve observed Advent for many years, I want to encourage you to begin nurturing a sense of awe and anticipation in your life for Christ. From the events surrounding His miracle-studded arrival to His unforgettable life, death, and resurrection, those who encountered Jesus Christ were taken back with a profound sense of wonder. And we’re invited to do the same.

How to Download a Free Advent Devotional: Will you join me on an ADVENT-ure?

Before we begin, will you pray for the following:

  • Your eyes and heart would be open to the wonders of God.
  • God would reveal more of his handiwork and presence around every corner.
  • In the midst of the busyness of the Christmas season, God would leave you wonderstruck again and again.

Go ahead. What are you waiting for? Let’s begin living in wild expectation of God starting today.

Click here to sign up and download the free Advent devotional.

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**UPDATE: If you have any troubles downloading the FREE Advent Devotional, email Jessica ( and she’ll help you out!