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From the Desk Of Leif: Will You Pray For Us?

Over the last few months I’ve watched Margaret, face this great adversity courageously and with way more energy than I could believe possible. One of my favorite pet names for my wife is Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) because she’s full of so much energy—bounding with ideas, always ready for the next adventure and that has continued during this time as well.

If only you could see my wife with her boxing gloves on.

The adversity we’ve been facing has stripped her of much of her energy, but I stand in awe that time and time again she keeps getting back up—even after those dirty dog bad days that follow chemo.

I don’t crash Margaret’s blog very often (except for recipes), but I feel compelled to ask you to pray for us today.

Will you join us and #PrayForZero? Will you ask God to completely heal my wife so that zero cancer cells are left in her body?

We believe in the power of prayer and would love it if you would join us in this prayer.

As you may know, Margaret’s dad, Bill, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Yesterday, Margaret’s mom said, “I can’t quite explain it but I know God is answering people’s prayers. Without people’s prayers I simply couldn’t survive this.”

We feel the same way. Your prayers have sustained us and strengthened us.

But please, don’t stop now.

Today, right now, will you #PrayForZero for Margaret and her dad?

We can’t get through this without you. And we’re so grateful to serve a God who listens and answers prayer. Thank you for loving and supporting us during this time.

Fighting with Joy,

Leif, Margaret, and Hershey

*Original photo found here.

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