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21 Days of Wonder REFLECTION

The wonders of God surround you. Prayerfully spend some time reflecting on those things that prevent you from awakening to the wonders of God. Write them down, and then ask God to remove those obstacles that prevent you from experiencing him more. Ask God to make you supernaturally aware of the Spirit’s presence and leading over the upcoming weeks.

Wonder Challenge: What are the challenges preventing you from experiencing God’s wonder? Turn those challenges into a short prayer. And, if you feel comfortable, share it with others who can pray alongside you. If you include #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK in your Facebook post, Pinterest pin, Tweet, or Instagram post, we can help encourage you in prayer.

What’s your prayer? Example: God, help me remove busyness from my life. I want to #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK

Tomorrow: TIME

And, if you haven’t ordered your copy of Wonderstruck yet, it’s not too late! Here’s the link:


Join us during the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge and awaken to the wonders of God all around. Learn more, here.

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