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Confession: Why I’m a Big Chicken and I Think You Should Be, Too

I reside in a zoo.

Whenever I hike through the rugged mountains of Colorado, I stay on high alert for mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and bears, oh my. More common sightings include deer, elk, wolves, 1,000 geese, 10,000 rabbits…

And those quick-witted foxes.

Foxes are crafty and cunning, sneaky and shrewd. They have a penchant for anything shiny. Be warned: These savvy thieves will carry your treasures away.

Many years ago, my mom left a family heirloom on our downstairs deck. By morning, the silver bowl had vanished. A determined woman, she spent the following three days searching the surrounding neighborhood and woods. Nestled in a gulley, she found the foxes’ den—where her silver bowl along with a long lost jacket had been vaulted away.

In today’s reading, Day 25 of the #LentChallenge, (to download a free copy click here), we discover Jesus refused to every let any fox—including Herod—get the best of him.

But the way He outsmarted, outwitted, and outplayed that fox makes no earthly sense.

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