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You Won’t Believe this RIDICULOUSLY Awesome Story!

Recently, Leif and I volunteered to serve and encourage pastors in New England. It’s an annual activity that we love. Pastors and their spouses are heroes! One particular story that took my breath away.

One of the pastors’ wives shared that she’d been opening her life to the power and work of the Holy Spirit. Asking God to use and lead her. 

Yep, Sometimes God Speaks Through Dreams

Oh sweet friends,

One of my friends, J, called today to catch up and we talked about our writing and what were learning, and exchanged funny stories.

The conversation took on a different pulse when J started sharing some of the ways God had been speaking to him through dreams and confirming the messages through complete strangers.

Love Will Do This One Thing

Ever have one of those frustrating moments, when you can’t help but think, What just happened?

I just drove 20 minutes, one-way, to the pool, only to discover my pool bag–with goggles, towel, and everything I need to swim–wasn’t in the car.

Only I hadn’t moved it.

One Prayer for Today

Hey Friends!

I’ve been diving deep into study on Holy Spirit–especially in the Old Testament.

I was raised on the idea that Holy Spirit really came at Pentecost. And the Spirit did, in demonstrative power. But man alive, if you look throughout the Old Testament, you’ll find God’s Spirit -e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Powerful Hope for When Life is Too Much to Bear

Perhaps today, you find yourself in the midst of the unknown. Waiting for that which is not yet. Waiting for decisions to be made outside your control. Waiting for clarity amid the fogginess in your physical body, finances, or future.

You know you won’t be where you are forever, yet you don’t know how long until things change.

The middle aches with unmet expectations, lingering disappointments, and a litter of chaos thrown in.

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