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How to Overcome Imposters Syndrome | Dr. Tara Jenkins

Ever had that feeling that it’s only a matter of time before people find you out? An estimated 70 percent of Americans experience Imposters Syndrome or feeling like a fraud at some point in their lives. Learn how to break free from this kind of self-sabotaging thinking and behavior once and for all.

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How To Suffer Strong in Grace + Beauty | Katherine Wolff

Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify One of the people who radiates that resurrection power of Jesus Christ is my friend, Katherine Wolff. In her new book, Suffer Strong: How to Survive Anything by Redefining Everything, she shares the story of her stroke, life from a...

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Rise Above During the Pandemic | The Joycast | Kent Annan

Rise Above During the Pandemic | The Joycast | Kent Annan

Subscribe on iTunes Listen on Spotify What we’re experiencing during the pandemic is familiar territory to disaster guru Kent Annan. Discover where we’ve been, and more important where we’re headed on the road to recovery. {You can listen to the show HERE, and make...

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