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A Note to Our Tribe: Battling Cancer

Margaret Feinberg battling cancer

Sometimes, prayers are merely felt by the one lifted up; other times, they actually transform the situation. For me, your prayers this last year have accomplished both.

For months, many of you have joined with Leif and me to #prayforzero. You’ve asked the God who heals that at the end of my treatment, my body would have zero cancer cells left.

After many months of chemotherapy and several surgeries, we finally received the initial test results. 

We got zero. 

God heard your prayers, your petitions, your requests. Thank you for standing with us and reflecting Jesus’ love to us. A thousand lifetimes wouldn’t be enough to express our gratitude.

We are left wonderstruck.

The surgeon explained that only about 15% of the patients with the type of cancer I have that she sees get a 100% response to chemotherapy. Knowing the extreme challenges I’ve faced during treatment, she described the results as “amazing.”

I prefer the word miraculous. This news allows me to continue to write and travel and speak and to connect with all of you who prayed so diligently for me and with me these many months.

Thank you for all the support you’ve shown us during this challenging time.

Many of you have asked, “Is Margaret still traveling, speaking, and taking bookings in the upcoming year?”

And the answer is YES! Simply fill out of a speaking inquiry form, and we will work with you on the details for your event.

Along with fighting with joy, Leif and I have chosen to root ourselves in the future throughout this battle. I’ve been so looking forward to the places my speaking schedule will take us this year. The idea of seeing old friends and making new ones has kept me going. Visiting faith communities where God is doing amazing things always gives me new life and new hope.

I’ve been overwhelmed with how God has moved through this season and am excited to begin sharing some of the insights into Scripture and God’s goodness I’ve found along the way.

Of course, the prayer for zero has not ended. I would ask that you continue to #prayforzero—that the cancer would never return and that others who are fighting right now would experience supernatural healing. Our great, big God is listening and answering those prayers.

Many of you have asked how you can help specifically:

1. We need your prayer.

Everything I’ve written to date highlights my faith in Scripture and the power of prayer. Prayer is the ultimate game changer. Please pray the cancer will be eradicated and never return, but also pray for emotional, physical, and spiritual strength during this time. Pray for joy and pray that we sleep sweetly. This is crucial. When I don’t sleep, my body can’t fight the cancer and my emotions and mind are weakened to fight the daily assault of negative thinking. Will you commit to pray for Leif and I? (Here’s the biggest prayer we need right now).

2. If you’re going to buy a resource, purchase books or Bible studies directly through our website,

Your direct purchase increases the funds we receive by 5-10 times. If you’re considering taking a group through one of my Bible studies, know that orders placed through make an enormous difference.

3. Consider the best kind of gift.

Send a gift to someone that you know who already has cancer or who is battling another illness! Remind them that you are praying for them and thinking of them.

We are grateful for you and all of your support. Know that I am more hopeful, joyful, and prayerful than ever before. And I look forward to seeing you soon.

Fighting with joy & grateful for zero,

Margaret, Leif, and Hershey


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