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Are You a Treasure Hunter? Find out about the Wonder of Restoration!

My friend, Veronica Johnson, from Canby Oregon, recently shared with me some of the hidden riches she’s discovered. Looking at items others would pass by or toss in the trash, she sees potential and worth.

Veronica loves to restore old things. Consider some of her pieces:

treasure hunter Veronica said to me, “Are you a treasure hunter? It’s so addicting! Once you start seeing everything for it’s potential, you keep your eyes peeled. It’s been in my blood, but took me until I was an adult to admit and do something about it.”

As I reflected on her words, I wanted to shout, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Though I don’t work with old wood or know how to upcycle furniture:

I want to be a treasure hunter everywhere I go. I want to see the potential and possibilities in every person I meet, every interaction, every encounter.

God is wildly committed to restoring us—no matter what we’ve experienced, no matter what we’ve been through. In fact, our God is in the business of restoration. God is committed to bringing us to wholeness and to transform us into conduits of his redemption and renewal everywhere we go.

When it comes to the wondrous work of restoration, God often prefers to not work solo.

Yet, how often do I pass by uncounted opportunities to participate in the restorative work of God?

Asleep to the work of God all around, I fail to join in the marvelous event.

How many people have I dismissed that I should have embraced?

How many sparks of life have I extinguished rather than rekindled?

How many times have I refused the invitation to join God in his supernatural work?

Like the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, all I see are dry bones until the life that awaits to be rekindled through the power of God.

Today, will you commit to looking for treasures in the people all around you? Will join God in the wondrous work of restoration? #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK!

This summer, I’m challenging you to drink in the wonder of restoration through the Wonderstruck 7-Session DVD Bible Study. Join our Summer Bible Study beginning on June 6th.

Through seven sessions filmed in the Canadian Rockies including Lake Louise, let’s explore the wonders of God as found in the Scripture. Together, our eyes will be opened to the wonder of God’s presence, the wonder of friendship, the wonder of forgiveness, and so much more.

Invite your neighbors, co-workers, small group, Sunday school class, long-distance BFF, and more to walk alongside you, pray for you, and fall more in love with God’s Word together.

To join us for the Wonderstruck Summer Bible Study, you’ll need the following:

• A copy of the Bible in your favorite translation (or simply the app on your phone)
• The Summer Bible Study Special: The Wonderstruck 7-Session DVD Kit PLUS a FREE copy of Live Loved: An Adult Coloring Book (click here to purchase).
• An expectant heart to the ways God wants to reveal Himself to you this summer
• Between 15-20 minutes of time carved out each day to dive into God’s Word and the workbook homework
• Subscribe to the free RSS feed at so you don’t miss a beat.

As you dip into the five nights of homework each week (20 minutes or less each day), you’ll find out just how much God is busting at the seams to display His power, glory, and might in your life. Grab a friend, some compadres in a book club, a small group cohort, and let’s unwrap the wonder of God together.

Wonderstruck Bible Study

Pick up your Wonderstruck DVD Kit + Live Loved: Adult Coloring Book today and begin asking God to prepare your heart for what’s in store this summer.

We’ll be gathering together each week here at starting June 6th to discuss, pray for one another, and dive into God’s Word.

Can’t afford the DVDs just yet? Grab the Wonderstruck book and workbook combination and join us! Don’t miss the summer that will change your walk with God forever.

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