Write Brilliant

I have a little secret about my prayer life that I’ve never shared before.

Namely, I love to be playful with God.

I suspect He hears a lot of prayers that sound the same.

So I try to thank God and express my thanks and adoration of God in fun, silly ways that maybe He hasn’t heard as often.

I’ll pray little delights like:

God, I love you more than a dumptruck.

God, you are more magical than a centipede.

God, your laughter expands beyond the heavens, and I’m giggling with you.

God, thanks for frolicking your presence in the sky.

God, I twinkle twinkle praise to you.

Basically, I give thanks like a squirmy, five-year-old to bring a smile to God’s face, to reflect His delightfulness back to Him. 

I know I already have his favor and grace, but I figure if He’s lavished us with such love and joy, then why not be creative in the ways we lavish it back on Him?

As we approach this season of thankfulness, be silly and squirmy, give God your puns and play as you give thanks. And rest assured, He’s already smiling down and dancing and delighting over you (Zephaniah 3:17).

With all my love and joy,


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