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I’m Margaret Feinberg.

Through innovative books, studies, and teaching, I will help you elevate your faith, spark your joy, and love your precious life.

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God is a foodie who wants to transform your supper into sacrament.

One of America’s most beloved teachers and writers, Margaret Feinberg, takes you on a culinary exploration of Scripture. You’ll learn fresh Biblical discoveries as she shares stories from wandering a California farm with one of the world’s premier fig farmers, baking fresh matzo at Yale University, descending 400 feet into the frosty white caverns of a salt mine, and visiting a remote island in Croatia to harvest olives.

With each visit, Margaret asks, “How do you read these Scriptures, not as theologians, but in light of what you do every day?” Their answers will forever change the way you read the Bible – and approach every meal.

God’s focus on food in the Bible is meant to do more than satisfy your stomach. It’s meant to heal your soul and draw you closer to Christ. Let’s taste and see God’s goodness together.

The Joy Conference | Margaret Feinberg | Postponed for Covid-19 | Salt Lake City, Utah,

I've been waiting to tell you for six, yes, six months. It's been burning in me. But I've been unable to talk about it. Leif has watched me melt into a blubbery pool every time I've tried to say the words aloud. I've spent months praying and praying, often weeping,...

Join beloved teacher and aspiring foodie Margaret Feinberg on a pilgrimage to discover the secrets to savoring every day.

You’re invited on a global culinary and spiritual adventure. You’ll cast nets in the Sea of Galilee, descend 410 feet into salt mine, bake matzo at Yale University, harvest olives in Croatia, study with a Texas butcher, and visit a premier fig farm.

“This journey changed my life, my faith, my future,” Margaret writes. “It moved me from fear and uncertainty to discover a vibrant faith again—I believe it will do the same for you.”

 With delightful curiosity and whimsical humor, you’ll learn to nurture deeper connections around any table and discover the satisfying, fruitful life you’ve been created for.

This is an invitation to taste and see God’s goodness, and there’s a place set just for you.