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“Margaret’s awe of God is sincere and so passionate, that when you hear her talk about Him that same awe falls on you. She’s a friend and a fellow warrior in the trenches, for the glory of God, and I’m grateful for her life and faith.”

—Jennie Allen, friend and founder of IF:Gathering

I Am Your Faith Coach and Biggest Cheerleader

I help people who want to make leaps and bounds in their faith—people just like you— discover joy in studying the Bible, revive their delight in prayer, and build sturdy resolve for hearing the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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“ I am poking holes in my own dark areas and am more aware of God’s love and presence than ever because of your words.”

—Rita Kelly, reader

Little Known Ways to Find the Wholeness Your Soul Craves

If you’re looking for an author to love, look no further than Steve Wiens. His new book, Whole: Restoring What is Broken in You, Me and the Rest of the World is like a balm to the soul—healing, generous, beautiful. Allow Steve’s healing words to sink deep… “When Jesus...

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7 Ways to Fill the World with Joy Today

As children of God, we’re meant to live with a vibrant joy… to heralding the arrival of God’s kingdom… to pound the doors of every human heart with hilarity and celebration until the last prodigal crosses heaven’s threshold. The last hardened heart is rend, and the...

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Am I the Only One Who Wonders… Where Is God?

  NOTE: I wrote this blog post on Sunday afternoon before the tragic shootings in Las Vegas. Like you, I woke up to the horror. My prayers are heavy today.  Sometimes I wonder… where is God? Maybe you wonder too? For us wonderers… here’s comfort from the beauty...

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Join your friends, Margaret and Jessica, in this step-by-step guide to the art to the art of hand lettering. You’ll learn techniques to create your own word art through easy-to-follow projects, prompts, and exercises. And you’ll do it all while reflecting on the beauty of Scripture and inspiring devotions. This is a fun, delightful way to reawaken to God’s love for you. Hand Lettering God’s Love is designed to encourage, inspire, and spark joy in your journey of faith.

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