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The Top 4 Reasons I Adore Spring

Today is officially the first day of spring. (Insert Woop! Woop! Sound) After a snowy winter, I welcome this new season with open arms. I think I have a billion or so reasons I love spring, but here are four that come to mind: 1. Play. Play. Play. The longer sunny...

Giving Up Contempt for Lent: When Contempt Rises Again

I recently learned of a leader of an organization who fell in disgrace. I should have felt compassion, but all I felt was contempt. I knew too much. I’d heard one too many stories of the misappropriation of funds and the over-reporting of the non-profit’s...

5 Ways to Go Green This St. Patrick’s Day

Gaelic music. Leprechaun posters. Pots of glimmering gold. Everyone wants to be Irish around St. Patrick’s Day.  If you desire to cave into your inner longings of being Irish–look no further. Here are 5 ways you can Go Green and be Irish for a day: 1....

Blind to Beauty

For those of you traveling with me through the Gospel of John for Lent, John 9 explores the issue of physical and spiritual blindness in a beautiful and profound way. Jesus sees a man who has been blind from birth. The challenges this man faced physically were only...

Giving Up Contempt For Lent

As Lent continues, and I’m determined to give up contempt for six weeks, I’m beginning to see more clearly the harm contempt does in my life. Contempt is like a wide wedge that slips in my life and my relationships—separating me from God and others whenever I allow it...