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The Beauty Beneath the Grime

For those of you traveling with me through the Gospel of John for Lent, John 13 paints a beautiful picture of Jesus kneeling to wash his disciples’ feet. In those days, NikeFrees and Vibrams and Tevas weren’t on the shelves. The soles of Israeli...

7 Fun (but Harmless) Pranks for April Fools

With April 1st right around the corner, you may want to start plotting your practical jokes. Some of you have been setting aside color coordinated file folders for months, prepping for this very day. For others, you may try a practical joke or two if the idea suits...

Giving Up Contempt for Lent: The Clock Ticks Down

After weeks of giving up contempt for Lent, I realize just how much more I’ve become aware of the presence of contempt in my life as well as the many ways it expresses or shows itself-sarcasm, biting comments, darker humor. I also find myself catching...

Feeling the Crave by @SamanthaKrieger

Samantha Krieger is a writer and editor in Dallas, TX. Samantha and her husband, Jeremiah, have two children: John (3), Rebekah (1), and her third child will be arriving late June. She blogs weekly at: and tweets at: @samanthakrieger. “Like...

The Beauty of a Shattered Jar

As I was driving the other day, a worship song I loved started playing over the radio. I turned up the volume and sang my heart out, even swaying to the beat and waving my arms during stoplights. But then, I had this uncanny feeling somebody was watching me. I twisted...