Your Perspective: Relax! How Do You Do It?

Margaret —  July 5, 2011 — 1 Comment

Your Perspective: Relax! How Do You Do It?

It's impossible to keep moving at a high speed for an entire lifetime. The human body simply isn't simply made for constant work. With the real threat of burnout on most people's radars, we asked you what you do to relax. The variety of replies is inspiring!

Louie J. Locke will relax by "walking thru the Highlands of Scotland", strolling among rolling green hills will relax anybody, while Keila Harris will breathe fresh air while out for a good nature run. She also mentions "OR if there's a willing friend (cuz i'm too broke to pay) a MASSAGE!" I'm sure there are many echoes with that method of relaxation!

Ron Tolson will take his horse out for a ride through the desert, while Barbara Griffin will get on her mountain bike for a different type of ride. Roger Wolsey prefers his ride to be on a motorcycle or will do his relaxing while blues dancing.

Sherrey Meyer and Karen Field Edlund both enjoy quiliting, though Edlund specifically adds it is the "playing with colors, fondling beautiful fabrics" which help her to relax.

Susan Baldi and Ruth J Leamy enjoy watching movies, although Leamy likes "Watching something British". I think it must be the accent. Mike Goeke relaxes by "Agate hunting. Awesome solitude."

With a more traditional answer, Larrisa Stevens Poree replies "Doing just about anything with my family's the best ticket in town!" Many of us agree with you there!

So when it comes to relaxing, how do you do it? And what prevents you from relaxing more often?

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One response to Your Perspective: Relax! How Do You Do It?

  1. After a full nearly-week now of time with friends, I am exhausted but relaxed. I think it helps me to simply focus on the pleasant things: the breeze going through the trees, the small child learning a skill, seeing the friendship between two old ladies. Zoning in on things that are pleasant brings joy and peace to my soul, probably because I have played no part in them and they point to the fact that I can rest, relax, rejuvenate and the world will keep spinning.

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