Join Us for Wonderstruck Wednesday: Can You Find Wonder in a Tree?

Margaret —  March 6, 2013 — 8 Comments


The wonders of God’s creation surround us—from slinging comets to creating the scaly creatures that slither around the earth, God is the Master Creator. [Tweet this] Take a walk around your yard or nearby park. Find a tree, plant, flower, or piece of vegetation and really study it. Notice the vines, leaves, colors, smells, and textures.

Spend a few moments thanking God for his intimate design.

Wonder Challenge: Snap a photo of the piece of vegetation you studied and share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. [Tweet this] Use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK so we can thank God for his beautiful creation together.

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8 responses to Join Us for Wonderstruck Wednesday: Can You Find Wonder in a Tree?

  1. YES! Beauty is everywhere. Even trees. Last week I reposted a picture on my blog of a tree near my house shaped like a Schnauzer dog. I smile every time I drive by it.

  2. I truly believe that God is the great Creator! I love to walk in the woods and enjoy His creation. Because of this love, I wrote a children’s activity book about trees in the Bible, called Trees of the Book – Learning from God’s Creation. It’s beautifully illustrated by a young artist, Esther Haug. It’s wonderful to spend time with God in His beautiful world.

  3. So I have been a little busy with the birth of my new baby (you better believe there is a wonderstruck post about that coming!) so I have not visited your blog recently but I am going to try and get back in the rhythm 🙂

    Anyways, today I posted some pictures of beautiful snow covered trees that appeared over night. There is a cross on a catholic school that I wrote about in my “Wonderstruck by Creation” post in the 21 days of Wonder challenge. This is a part 2 to that post.

    “God brought beauty and restoration to the naked tree in my front yard by covering it with snow. He also brings, by the Tree of Restoration that Jesus was nailed to, beauty and grace to our lives! “

  4. massive snow falls for days now, lent itself well to a tree odyssey… great prompt!
    Thanks, Margaret =)

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