God Is With You Even In This (and a Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge)

Margaret —  May 8, 2013 — 12 Comments


We are created for a relationship with God, and that means we’re meant to experience God’s presence. We need God’s presence and the awareness of His nearness if we’re going to grow into the fullness of all God intends. Apart from His presence, we can begin to convince ourselves that somehow God is distant, somehow we can handle things on our own.

Maybe this is one reason God keeps echoing throughout Scripture, “I am with you! I am with you! I am with you! [Tweet this]

One of the ways God identifies Himself is using the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet. In Revelation 1:8, 21:6, and 22:13, Jesus is revealed as the Alpha and the Omega. One of the books of the Bible most riddled with mystery introduces this title in its first and last chapter—as if bookends to declare, “I’m holding it all together!”

Years ago I had a friend who was going through a really tough time. She had been crying out to God to speak, to move, to do something miraculous in the midst of the impossible situation she faced. One day as she prayed, she sensed God say two words: I AM.

Those tiny words said everything she needed to hear in that moment. The wonder of God’s presence was alive in her heart, mind, and spirit. She knew that even though she didn’t have the answers, even though nothing changed from the outside, something shifted deep within her. Her struggle did not go unnoticed. God was with her.

In the last week, when have you been reminded of God’s presence in your life? [Tweet this]

How did the awareness of God’s presence affect your attitude, perspective, or response to others in the moment?

The withness of God, the reality that God is with you, is one of the great wonders of being a child of God. [Tweet this] Spend time today thanking God for His presence and faithfulness in the thick and thin of life.

God Is With You Even In This (and a Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge)

Wonder Challenge: Set a timer for 10 minutes today. Spend those minutes focusing on your breathing. Breathe in and breathe out the goodness and the presence of God. Post your favorite characteristic of God on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK so we can celebrate with you.

Example: Thankful for God’s goodness today! #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK

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12 responses to God Is With You Even In This (and a Wonderstruck Wednesday Challenge)

  1. My wife sent me a text this morning and said “Max (my 3 year old son) said that he really wants papa here” She asked him why and his response was awesome. “I want to see him” simple yet extremely profound in my view. I think that is the posture I need to take towards God, especially in times of trouble or when I feel God is distant. I just want him and to see him. When I heard my son talk like that my first thought was “I need to just leave work, go home, and be there for my son.” I am a flawed father and yet I want to be there for my son. How much more does God, the perfect father, want to be there for us. Just like I knew I needed to be at work and wait to be with him tonight, and that is a better and more wise plan, we need to trust that the plan God is working out in our life in times of struggle and loneliness is far greater than we can imagine.

  2. I am walking through some pretty tough places…some on the home front…some with other hurting ladies…one day the burden was crushing me…I sat down and poured out my heart…all of it…the good the bad and ugly out on paper…out on God…as I poured I too felt the presence of I AM… God adjusting the yoke I had twisted up…and when I walked out the door of my bedroom…before the ink was dry…one of my hearts desires….Answered….and as the next couple of days unfolded…He sent help…ones to lift my weary arms…we are still in the trenches…but the Great I AM stays with us…and He shows Himself faithful over and over again….and keeps me living wonderstruck all the more!!

    • Ro, praying for you as you continue to trust God during these times! Amen for answered prayers and His faithfulness!

  3. For me, being outside always helps to remember God’s presence. I can’t work in the garden without being reminded of his many qualities.

  4. Margaret,
    Thank you for this challenge today, so needed!
    This past week and half has been tough. My husband hurt his back and he has been out of work and then last Wednesday we had to put our older cat Max down and it broke our heart and mine becuase he was my baby. He had just turned 12! At the time I got him I wanted to be a mother and so what happened is he bacame my boy. That morning when my husband and I were heading to go say goodbye, the weather was bad, my husband should not have been sitting up but in the midst of all that was going on and the pain we were feeling GOD was right there, HIS strength was upholding us. As we spent time with Max GOD’s peace was in that room, Amazing Grace came to mind and I started singing it and Jeff and I had our final moments with Max we walked out knowing that we were not alone. GOD had surely positioned HIS angels and HIS spirit in that room! Today is one week since that day and it has been tough, but I praise GOD for another day and for the healing that comes!!
    In fact this Saturday we were blessed to watch the arrival of 5 baby kittens…talking about awestruck!! GOD is good. ALL the time!!! There is a time and seasone for each event and all things in life, I am so thankful to have the grace, mercy, strength, and love of GOD to walk through each of them!!
    Love and Blessings,

    • Tina, praying for recovery for your husband, for comfort for your family, and rejoicing with you at the miracle of new life! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thinking about what characteristics of God mean the most to me, was so touching. I realized that there are so many things about God that I love. I love God’s comfort, His forgiveness, His generosity, His creativity, His lavishness, His caring love, His tenderness…

  6. I pray that it will be said of me, “The wonder of God’s presence was alive in her.”
    Margaret, thank you so much for sharing the wonder of God’s presence…it surely is alive in you!


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