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Are You Missing Something?

Dear Friends,

Let’s be honest: it’s far too easy to go through day-to-day life without a sense of the mystery, the marvel, or the awe of God’s presence. Have you ever felt your relationship with God isn’t as vibrant as you want it to be? Have you ever felt like God seemed far away—even in the midst of devotions, prayer, and church?

You’re not alone.

We Were Created for Wonder

You were created and designed to experience wonder. Woven into the fabric of our humanity is an innate ability and desire for the wonder of God. It’s felt in the moments when you watch the sun melt behind the horizon, when you reach out to cradle a baby and smell the sweet scent of new life, when you can’t help but smile as you witness two wrinkled souls renew their vows to each other. Such moments remind us we were made for something more than deadlines and debt, carpools and coffee breaks.

Yet despite such wondrous moments, we can still find ourselves going through the motions of faith. Whether you’re:

  • A long time follower of Jesus or still figuring Him out
  • Unemployed, overly-employed, or an entrepreneur
  • A creator, innovator, or conformist
  • Grumpy, ebullient, grey-haired or bed-head
  • An average Joe or have-a-gym-membership-but-never-go
  • A superhero (of any era), supermom, superdad, super grand, super great grand, or don’t feel particularly super at all

No matter who you are or where you’ve been—if you’ve lived a life where you’ve seen it all, done it all, or feel like you’re past it all—God still longs to take your breath away.

Isaiah 29:14 records God’s desire for you: “Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder.”

Do you see it?

God is busting at the seams to display His glory, power, and might in your life. And He wants to give you the greatest gift of all—Himself.

Yet why do we pass by the wonder of God unaware?

This is True Now More Than Ever

Despite God’s desire to astound us with wonder upon wonder, we are pulled in other directions, distracted by so many other things.

  • The demands of everyday life
  • The necessity of paying bills
  • The pressures of work
  • The need to support our families
  • The possibility of earning that degree

All too often we find ourselves head down, pushing ahead, just trying to get through. Somewhere along the way, a gap begins to develop between God and us. A drifting takes place. We become less aware of God’s presence in our lives, and worse, less expectant. Even when God does reveal Himself, we don’t recognize Him. We become spiritually asleep, passing by everyday wonders, and not aware of what’s happening all around us.

Yet the wonder of God awaits in the midst of your routine, in the middle of your everyday. I began discovering the wonder of God when I changed the way I prayed. Instead of asking for answers from God, I began praying for wonder. And God answered in ways I never imagined.

Living Wonderstruck Provides You These Benefits

If I can live wonderstruck, you can, too. It’s not as difficult as you might think. It begins with a prayer for wonder that will change the posture with which you live life.

Wonderstruck is a personal invitation for you to toss back the covers, climb out of bed, and drink in the fullness of life. Through this book, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the presence of God in the midst of your routine
  • Unearth extraordinary moments on ordinary days
  • Develop a renewed passion for God
  • Identify what’s holding you back in prayer
  • Discover joy in knowing you’re wildly loved

Wonderstruck consists of eleven chapters full of practical steps, challenging questions, intimate stories, and Biblical insights culminating in a 30 Days of Wonder Challenge. It turns a hard-to-wrap-our-hearts-and-minds-around idea into an everyday reality. This book and Bible study are for anyone who wants to live astounded by God and walk in the fullness of all He offers.

With each page of Wonderstruck, may you discover another facet of God’s character, feel the soft pinch of His presence, and step back in astonishment at the One who holds you. So cup your hands in prayer. Scrunch your face against the vault of heaven in childlike expectation. As you pray for wonder, may you be wonderstruck. May you fall in love anew with a mysterious and wonder-filled God.

You can order Wonderstruck from any of the retailers below including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, our store, or from your favorite local bookstore:

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Invite Your Friends

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We’ve partnered with Lifeway to create a 7-session Wonderstruck DVD Bible Study filmed in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies. With each session between 18-25 minutes, this study invites you to dive deeper into:

  • The Wonder of Divine Expectation
  • The Wonder of God’s Presence
  • The Wonder of Rest
  • The Wonder of Prayer
  • The Wonder of Friendships
  • The Wonder of Forgiveness
  • & More.

To learn more and order, click here.

Let us know how we can be praying for you. We want to support you on your journey of living wonderstruck. Email us at



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