Win a BIG THANK YOU DVD Bible Study, Book, or Gift Card for Your Small Group Leader

Margaret —  October 26, 2013 — 45 Comments

Small Group Contest

The Sacred Echo dropped in price! We’re now offering a brand-new leader’s kit for The Sacred Echo 6-Session DVD Bible Study for $74.99 (originally $129.99).

The Sacred Echo Small Group

Often when God speaks, He will echo the same message through a sermon, a passage of Scripture, a chance conversation, or an unexpected encounter. When we begin looking for these sacred echoes, we are better able to recognize God's voice in our life and walk more confidently in the fullness of all God has for us.

Through six-sessions and weekly homework (20 minutes or less), The Sacred Echo: Hearing God's Voice in Every Area of My Life DVD Bible Study will help you:

 Recognize God’s leading in your life

Walk more confidently into all God has for you

Discover joy in talking to God

Experience a fresh and renewed prayer life.

With the breathtaking Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, let’s explore the wonders of prayer in-depth and learn to grow closer to God through Scripture together.

This kit includes:

The Sacred Echo Bayside Church

Not only are we excited to offer this leader’s kit to you at a more affordable price, we want to give away one kit for free!

Our team wants to shout a big THANK YOU to all Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, and small group leaders who pour into others week in and week out. We want to give you the chance to win one of these prizes:

Spiritual Formation Study The Sacred Echo 003

To enter to win:

  1. Nominate your small group leader, Sunday school teacher, ministry leader, pastor, or Bible study director in the comments below.
  2. Tell us why you appreciate their leadership and the impact they have made in your life.
  3. Leave their name and email address so we can contact them if they are selected for one of the three prizes.

Contest ends on FRIDAY, November 1st. Only one entry per person.

Congratulations to the winners:

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Go ahead—Who has impacted your life through their ministry?

45 responses to Win a BIG THANK YOU DVD Bible Study, Book, or Gift Card for Your Small Group Leader

  1. I would like to nominate our small group leader, Susan Henry! Susan led the Wonderstruck series last and we all were amazed at the beauty that sometimes we miss. We were able to go deep into the study and it definitely changed the lives of the women involved.

    Susan Henry

    Can’t wait to start this Bible study on the Sacred Echo!~

  2. Maragaret Feinberg Rocks!!! Does that help my case to win?!!!

  3. I nominate my pastor Rev.Melinda Pupillo (pastormelinda at englishlutheran dot org). When I came to church hungry for a community and confused and skeptical about faith, she responded with humor, warmth, open mindedness, wisdom, and unconditional support. She answered (and didn’t flinch at) my questions about “what is grace?” “what’s the importance of baptism?” and “what do I do when God seems so heartbreakingly far away?” with thoughtful words and artful modeling. When I was very sick, she prayed with me, made me laugh, and helped me realize that God wasn’t going anywhere. She taught me about discernment, gave me leadership opportunities, and introduced me to the spiritual practices of breath prayers, praying with color, drawing my current relationship with God, lectio divina, and spiritual direction (and we nerded out over The Sacred Echo together as she prepared for a sermon series on discernment, allowing for a moment when I felt that I too could give to the relationship with what I learn!).

    Four years later, I’m still part of that church community and thankful for her leadership and care. She calls me out when I do things that aren’t reflective of God’s love and the faith that I now (more confidently) profess. She continues to help me discover and name my gifts, then find places where God can use them more! She challenges me to go beyond my comfort zone–whether that’s by joining 40,000 teenagers for a conference in New Orleans, acknowledging hurt and working toward forgiveness, loving myself when I feel that even God has no redeemable reason to love me, or giving people a chance when I am hesitant and reluctant to trust. I’ve experienced some of her mistakes, but that factor of being human (and not on a pedestal or second only to Jesus) has helped me realize that we all can live lives of faith–whether or not we’ve been to seminary or preach the Good News as a “paid job.” I am so thankful for Pastor Melinda!

  4. Would love to win this for my small group bible study.

    Love your Bible Studies Margaret. Like you…God still Knocks My Socks off and I have been
    walking with Him for 40 years.

    Continued prayers for your health dear one!

    Blessings in and through Him,

  5. I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award than my women’s ministry Bible study leader, Melissa. She pours so much love and prayer into the three Bible Studies that she leads at our church. She prays over the ladies, is sensitive to the Holy Spirit in her decisions and encouragement and shines brightly for Jesus. She is currently leading Wonderstruck with our 20 something ladies. I am so blessed to partner with her in ministry. Thanks for providing this opportunity to recognize servants! If Melissa is chosen, please send the notification here: Thanks, Margaret, for being so generous!

  6. I nominate my aunt Esther Hernandez, she is an inspiration to me as a Catechist, always going above and beyond to make sure every child learns their prayers to make their First Communion. Her email address is God bless. 🙂

  7. Diane Hendrickson October 27, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    We would like to nominate our leader for the Thursday afternoon session of Women of the Word at in Hilliard, Ohio. Her name is Julie Sislowski 614-771-7455 She is such a caring woman of Christ. She arrives an hour before to set up the room with coffee, tea and ice water pitchers. Then she buys candy including our favorite chocolate and places in a basket on each table. She begins each session with something humorous, then leads us in prayer. Julie does all this regardless of how she feels dealing with her MS. She is so deserving!

  8. Michelle Virnelson October 28, 2013 at 3:56 am

    I would like to nominate Joyce Meekins the women’s ministry director at our church. She is a living example of what it means to follow Christ regardless of any circumstances. She has taught so many of us how to ask questions to lead people to Jesus.
    Her heart is to see women grow in their relationship with Jesus and follows passionately after Him.

  9. I nominate myself. This probably disqualifies me. I am teaching Dr Jeremiah’s Escape the coming night to group of women on Monday mornings. I didn’t know Margaret, but she just spoke at my church, EBC. I have prayed for her often since that day and would love to do a study of hers. If I win I will do just that!
    God Bless, Janet

  10. I would like to nominate our Bible Study leader Stacey Rohweder email address I am attending my fourth Bible study that Stacey has done. She is an incredible witness for Jesus. Her love for the word is unending. Her desire to share the word of God is incredible. I cannot express how Stacey has changed my life by lighting my desire to learn the word and walk closer with the Lord.

    Please consider Stacey she is truly a woman of God.

    Thank You

  11. I would like to nominate Terri Neely. She an awesome leader and a good friend.

  12. I would like to nominate Amy Brown (, our Bible study leader. She has a servant’s heart and is always willing to help someone get closer to God’s word. She often makes little crafts for us to take home with us with special verses or finds new ways to study or dig deeper into the Bible so that we leave our Bible study feeling even more fulfilled than when we first entered. She has given so much of her own time, energy, and money in our previous studies to help each member really feel special and loved by God and this contest would help reward her for all of her hard work.

  13. Jennifer Caldwell October 30, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    I would like to nominate our Bible Study for the free study! We have a great group of ladies that would LOVE to participate in your study and grow closer to God from it.
    Our bible study group leader is Kelly Jenkins @ Grace Church, Reno, Nevada.
    Kelly Jenkins at

    Thank you!

  14. Debbie Thompson October 30, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    I would like to nominate our Mon.Night/Wed. Morning Women’s Bible Study at Grace Church Reno. My friend, former small group leader, and now Women’s Bible Study leader is Kelly ( It would be awesome for the ladies of our church to obtain the free study! We have a wonderful group! Thanks!! 🙂

  15. I would like to nominate our Women’s Bible Study director, Kelly Jenkins ( Kelly is such a wonderful example of how to let Jesus’ light shine through in actions and words. We had a difficult transition in women’s ministry this past year with the loss of our director. Kelly immediately stepped up and became the glue that held us together. She took responsibility for the programs and, with her organization skills, has created a continuation of learning God’s Word through study, fellowship and prayer. Our church budget is very tight, so I know that winning this study would be such a blessing to Kelly and our entire ministry. Thanks so much!

    • Our Women’s Bible Study at Grace Church in Reno, NV has been through a transition this year
      and our director Kelly Jenkins has given us such great leadership. Our women have multiplied
      because of her efforts on our behalf. I am nominating Kelly Jenkins(
      to win this study for all of us.

  16. Hi- I would like to nominate our women’s bible study
    Leader. Kelly Jenkins ( She leads 2 groups of ladies a week. Kelly is a very inspirational leader, we are very lucky to have her lead our bible study. Kelly has a heart for women to grow in relationship with our savior. We are blessed to have a wonderful leader as well as a strong group of women all desiring to study God’s word.
    Thank you for considering Kelly!

  17. I would like to nominate my Women bible group leader Kelly Jenkins at Grace Church in Reno.
    She is not only my bestie but she has changed my life and inspired me in our fellowship and bible studies together. She is an incredible godly women who has blessed so many people. Her email is Kelly Jenkins at She is Awesome!!!

  18. Debbie Salmonson October 30, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    I would like to nominate our Women’s Bible Study Ministry Leader, Kelly Jenkins. This woman LOVES Jesus, LOVES helping women to discover God’s grace and has done a wonderful job building up and encouraging the leaders in our ministry. We would LOVE to be able to win this contest so we can experience your teaching! Kelly’s email is Please choose our fearless leader!

  19. I nominate our women’s bible study ministry leader, Kelly Jenkins at Kelly is amazing and is building an incredible women’s ministry program at Grace Church in Reno NV! I have benefitted in so many ways through this program and would love to be able to win this contest and have the chance to experience your program with all of the women at Grace Church as we continue to grow and strengthen our relationships with God.

  20. I nominate Kelly Jenkins

    She is fantastic. Recently taking on the responsibility of not one but two studies at our church. We provide the women two different days and times to go to a bible study. Kelly is real, honest and funny. I appreciate her leadership.

  21. MELISSA HUTCHESON October 30, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    I NOMINATE: Kelly Jenkins at
    “My Bible Study leader(Kelly Jenkins) told me to do this!” ;o)

  22. Our Women’s Bible Study continues to expand and grow for all ages (and it helps that we have childcare available for our young moms). Kelly Jenkins ( took over when we had a leadership change and has shown me a wonderful way to be authentic in our walk and to grow my relationship with Christ. Grace Church in Reno, NV
    Thank you.

  23. Maggie Opperman October 30, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    I nominate Kelly Jenkins from Grace Church in Reno.
    It is evident that Kelly truly has a heart for women’s ministry and I am so grateful for her leadership and dedication to our bible study. I have experienced God in the most loving and powerful ways in this group!

  24. I’d like to nominate our women’s study leader, Kelly Jenkins ( because she really is a leader with a heart for God and a heart for each of us.

  25. I want to nominate my study group leader Kelly Jenkins ( She is so sweet and has had such a huge impact on our church and especially me. She is always so willing and helpful when looking for resources. She has helped my husband and I when looking for churches in other countries while we were living abroad. She definitely deserves to win this! 🙂

  26. I would like to nominate Kelly Jenkins ( She has pulled TWO LARGE groups of women together weekly and excelled! This is not an easy thing to do! She is always smiling and willing to take the time out to answer any questions from anyone. This would be an amazing opportunity not only for her (a little recognition can go a long way), but for the rest of us! Please choose Kelly Jenkins from Grace Church Reno!

  27. I would like to nominate Kelly Jenkins, Kelly is currently leading our Women’s Bible study at Grace church, and what a blessing she is to us! Each week, in addition to organizing our group, Kelly brings us some spiritual story, or thought, to encourage and make us think and meditate on our Great God. She is a beautiful woman of The Lord, and a great motivator to all of us!

  28. I would like to nominate Kelly Jenkins, She is the Women’s Bible study at Grace church in Reno NV and what a great job she has done stepping into this role. Amazing!

  29. I would like to nominate Kelly Jenkins, at Grace Church Reno, so she may continue to touch as many lives as possible with His word.

  30. Debbie Callaway October 31, 2013 at 9:33 am

    I would like to nominate my pastor’s wife, Rachel Lopez. She is an awesome woman of God. She leads a women’s bible study, works in the kid’s ministry, sometimes leads worship, is on our Women’s leadership team, an awesome mom to 5 children!! and yet when she talks with me (and anyone else, I’m sure) she makes me feel like I am the only person in the world, she prays with me right then and there(!). I am blessed to have her as a friend.

  31. Wow….how do I put into few words the impact my nominee has had on so many lives including mine??? It would take more words than Webster has to adequately express the love, compassion, and overwhelming desire my friend and Pastor, Sabrina Fort, has to see the broken restored and the lost found. Never have I known anyone whose heart beats and bleeds so tremendously for those whom the world has cast aside and forgotten. I was one of those people and because of her great love and willingness to look past my faults and stick it out with me, I am restored, healed, and brand new. Shining the light of Jesus is what she does daily and I know that she would use this study to bless the hearts of those that have been given up on and left to die in their sin and shame. With its help and the help of our awesome God, many lives would be changed. Thankyou for considering her. Sabrina Fort at

  32. I would like to nominate our wonderful small group leader, Tammi Keffer. She is the Director of Community and Caring at Peninsula Bible Fellowship and is an example of a life based on Jesus Christ. She is a godly wife, mother and spiritual guide. Years ago Tammi led our group through the Organic God study and because of her leadership and mentoring, it remains one of my favorite and impasto studies. Please select Tammi. You may email her at

  33. Mireya Gamez Wahl October 31, 2013 at 10:19 am

    I would like to nominate our small group : Eastend Group from Ecclesia in Houston! My husband and I host this group and have led several studies. I had you pray over me when you came to Ecclesia. I told you that I loved the way that you spoke and that public communication was not my strength. Since then I started a small group with my husband in our home and have done a lot of speaking! I believe that you imparted some of what God has gifted you with over me! I have read Organic God and Hungry for God. I am a huge fan and would LOVE to go through one of your studies with our group! You can’t see me right now but I’m on my knees begging for you to pick the Eastend Group from Ecclesia! We are Joel and Mireya Wahl.

  34. I would like to nominate my pastor, Rev. Jerry Bernecker, from First Lutheran Church & Preschool in Rice Lake, WI. He is an awesome man of God, and encourages all people to get involved in a small group, growing in their relationship with God and with one another.
    Thank you

  35. I would like to nominate my small group leader, Teresa Farr. We are currently doing the Wonderstruck study. She has been a constant encouragement to all of the ladies in our small group. Even when her husband was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, she remained steadfast in leading our group and ministering to others. For someone that has a difficult time developing friendships, she has been a huge blessing to me personally. She radiates Christ’s love to all she comes in contact with. Teresa is truly a beautiful person and deserves a huge THANK YOU! (

  36. I would like to nominate my daughter, our WOW (Women of the Word) Bible Study Leader. She has had a lot of trials in her life, but I have seen her grow in God’s Grace through it all. Her name is Lisa, her address is:

    In Christ,

  37. I would like to nominate Kelly Jenkins at, because she is so selfless and giving and it would be such a blessing to our church.

  38. I’d like to enter Kelly Jenkins of Grace Church Reno. She is the new leader of our Womens Bible Study and she is doing an awesome job.

  39. I would like to nominate Kelly Jenkins at, because she is so awesome as our small group leader for women’s ministry at Grace. It would be such a blessing to our church and the women in our study groups.

  40. I would like to nominate Kelly to win a free study. She was just sharing with our ladies Wed how incredible these studies are.
    She has such a welcoming spirit and heart for God. She makes each of us women feel like the only woman there is…
    We at Hosanna Home are very grateful as she lead a special offering to send residents to Women of Faith…the offering sent all 8 residents. I believe her strong faith and enthusiasm inspired it. Hosanna Home is a transitional home for women in our city desiring to break free from homelessness.
    She always gives God the glory…echoing His love! Kathy Brown

  41. I’d like to nominate Kelly Jenkins of Grace Church Reno ( She is a fantastic study leader who isn’t afraid to share real life examples that expound on what we are learning from the text. She has fun leading us and is a great example of how to follow Christ.

  42. I would like to nominate Chardell Johnson for our small group leader. I don’t even have to words to describe my appreciation for what Chardell has done for our woman’s group. She pours hours into our bible study. Most times doing it by her own studying of God’s word. She has found many great video studies for us to do as well. I know that she would like nothing more than to share this series with us too. Chardell exemplifies what a leader is. We are currently going through a transition period in our church and are without a pastor. We are going on month 7 without a pastor and Chardell has taken up the job of finding us a speaker every month till we have a new one. She has found speakers that have AMAZING testimonies and they have given some of the greatest messages. Our church is very small in number but we have huge potential and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us. Chardell NEVER gives up on anyone. I have witnessed her bring women to know Christ. It is truly her passion. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t mention the God’s word. He is her life and she wants nothing more than for others to reap the benefits of knowing and serving our Lord and Savior. Chardell has impacted my life by helping keep me accountable, ALWAYS encouraging me to read scripture and share the word of others by living it!
    It would bring her great joy to receive this study. Many women will be blessed by her winning this.
    Thank you!!
    Her name and contact information is
    Chardell Johnson
    po box 117
    Stratton Co 80836

  43. We are THRILLED!!! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to share Margaret with our ladies. 🙂

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