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Awhile back, I found myself living life in overdrive-the kind of busy where the car flies down the highway thirty miles above the speed limit, completely out of control.

Maxed out, I burned the candle on both ends as well as in the middle.

My relationships suffered, especially my intimacy with God.

Sick of consuming prepackaged food, I carved some time out of an already stuffed schedule to buy fresh provisions. I scouted out the shortest checkout line at the store and rushed my grocery cart to the car. While transferring the groceries to the car, a crystal-clear thought overwhelmed my mind:

I miss you.

God had spoken. No question. No doubt. A sudden sense of remorse flooded through me.

How could I have gotten so busy as to ignore the One who desires a relationship with me above all else?

My eyes welled up and my soul softened as I finished putting away the groceries. I prayed a quiet but heartfelt, I’m sorry, and I miss you too.

Those of you reading along in The Organic God Summer Book Club and Bible Study probably already know this experience was one of the most tender interactions with God I have ever had. I was deeply moved, not because God’s words made me feel shame or guilt, but because they were bathed in his kindness.

In a story tucked in 2 Samuel 9, King David extends the kindness of God to another. David’s determined to show kindness in honor of his friend Jonathan. After taking over the throne, the last thing Jonathan’s family would expect from the new king is kindness.

But still David searches for a remaining relative, and Mephibosheth–a man crippled in both feet-is recognized as the last living son of Jonathan. David invites him to the royal palace. Mephibosheth awaits an execution being the grandson of the previous king.

Instead, David offers Mephibosheth property, wealth, honor and respect. Where cruelty is expected, compassion is extended. David goes above and beyond to extend God’s hesed or loving kindness to Mephibosheth.

Just as God bathes us in his kindness, we are encouraged to spread that kindness to others. God doesn’t just want us to know that he is kind but to experience his kindness and then reflect it to others.

How has God revealed his kindness to you this week?

Close your eyes for a moment and think about some of the people in your life. With whom is God asking you to share his kindness?

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