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Growing up with a Jewish grandmother taught me a lot about my heritage. One thing she failed to mention was the concept of Midrash–a type of Biblical exegesis that encourages us to get our fingers, elbows, and shoulders dirty as we dig into Scripture.

Midrash dives head first into passages, where readers are encouraged to wrestle, argue, debate, and reflect over the unfamiliar verses of the Bible.

Midrash is the belief that God created a one-sided conversation through his Word, and it’s our duty to hash it out and keep the conversation moving.

As I begin a Midrash of a specific passage, I often find myself looking into the people, places, and details that are commonly glanced over on the surface. So often, my findings unleash facets of each story that draw me deeper into God’s greater Story.

This week, I challenge you to begin midrash-ing the story of Genesis 32:22-32, when Jacob wrestles with God.

Here are some helpful hints when it comes to a Midrash:

  • Read the passage a few times over and circle any confusing words or phrases.
  • Write down any questions you have about the Scripture. (For example: Who characters are? Where it takes place? What is the greater context of the story?)
  • Use a Bible commentary if you have one available to answer any questions you may have. is also a great resource.

What new insights do you glean from a Midrash of Genesis 32:22-32?

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