What Do You Love About Jesus?

Margaret —  June 20, 2012 — 14 Comments

What Do You Love About Jesus?

My friend Jay once asked me an unforgettable question,

"What do you love about Jesus?"

I knew my answer right away. For those of you reading along with me in The Organic God, you'll already know my answer.

The thing that I love about Jesus is his beauty.

I love the way he transforms people's lives by exposing a deeper side of their being while revealing God's great love for them. To me, that holds incredible beauty.

In Psalm 27:4, the Psalmist longs to gaze upon God's incredible beauty. He requests to dwell in the Lord's house forever to be in close proximity to God's beauty. Throughout our lives, we are given glimpses of God's beauty in so many forms. Apart from God-we could never know:

The beauty of God's redemption at work in a person's life.

The beauty of a deep friendship spanning the years.

The beauty of experiencing God's unconditional love.

I recently received an email from a reader who commented on what he finds beautiful about Jesus. He wrote:

I love Jesus because He's the real deal! He's my hero. He's everything I want to be and more. He loved me, a punk kid from L.A. - Lower Akron (Ohio) and welcomed me into His family.  He still loves my unworthy, rascal soul.

There just are not words to explain what He means to me, but you have approached it in your book...'big hearted, breathtakingly beautiful, amazingly wise, wildly infallible, outrageously generous, abundantly kind, and deeply mysterious.'  I, like you, am so very thankful I don't completely understand Him....as I feel if I could, with my fallible mind, I couldn't worship Him as my  Lord, Savior, and Creator.

When we don't spend time with the beautiful God, we may become distracted by substitutions the world calls beautiful. But these glamorous replacements will never satisfy. God, in his beauty and love, invites us to taste something deeper. He knows whatever we fix our eyes on will set our standards. And our beautiful breathtaking God invites us to be captivated by him.

So let me ask you: What do you love about Jesus?


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14 responses to What Do You Love About Jesus?

  1. God’s love at times can be contrdictive among all its characteristics. Addictive – once you have it, you want more. Gracious – and always giving. Greedy – it’s love and doesn’t leave room for any other. Contagous – it moves among lives. Bright – it nearly blinds you. Refreashing – and cleanses you. Sweet – and makes me smile. Soft – and often in waves. Strong – enough to do the work of love. Creative – because his love always comes up with ways to surprise me. Traditional – it knows what works and sticks with it. Devout – and never bends. Shy – it doesn’t always announce itself. Stubborn – it refuses to give up. Tricky – because that loves requires me to practice it. Tolerant – in its grace. Wise – it is the best wisdom. Unique – there is nothing else like it. Quiet – because it’s beauty silences me. Noisy – it’s all around and you can’t help but hear it.

  2. Heidi,
    Loved reading this….you’re right—the pendulum swings far and wide when it comes to God loves–touching and encompassing all that it comes in contact with…

  3. I asked my 6yr old son why he loved Jesus, and he said “cause Jesus is the only real superhero we have, the only one that can save us”

  4. I have been trying to reach someone in the ministry regarding a concern with your website. It appears that someone has hijacked parts of it. Please let me know that you got my email. I emailed jessica@margaretfeinberg.com (the only way I could find to contact you) on Monday at noon EDT and again just a few minutes ago (3:30 EDT). God bless you and your ministry. Thanks.

  5. What I love about Jesus is His PEACE – throughout trials, deaths, losses, mistakes, blatant sins, persecution, …this world can be rotten sometimes, but we have His PEACE and the world just doesn’t understand it and I feel badly for those that live a monotonous life trying to obtain that American Dream without His PEACE. That’s what I love most about Jesus !

  6. Dan– Thank you SO much for bringing it to our attention. Our web guys are on it now! If you, or anyone else needs help ordering, feel free to email info@margaretfeinberg.com.

  7. Sonja,
    Shalom indeed!

  8. What I love about Jesus is his way with people. He loved the unlovely that chose to adore him,to watch him and follow him. I love how he had patience with Peter. His wild character and stupid mistakes are so me!.

    He gives us second chances.

    He cuts to the important matters of the heart.

  9. Dave,
    Grateful for those second chances for sure! (And thirds. and fourths….)

  10. Because He loves me. No matter where I am I am loved. No matter my mood, my strength, my heart and soul. He loves me. I can give Him any question, problem and thought – he gives me what I need when I need it. I just have to be the one to see and hear and do what He teaches. God bless you all.
    Thank you our God for you son, our Savior, our all. In His blessed name, Amen.

  11. ooops typo – last line — “your Son”

  12. Question was asked, “What do you love about Jesus? And this one answer popped up. “What I love about you Jesus is you thought I was worth dying for and you did it.”
    Will keep intouch as we continue
    with our studies.

  13. Wanda,
    Beautifully said. Beautiful. Thanks for offering that insight.

  14. Diane,
    Thank the LORD for his great and enduring love. It endures FOREVER. No matter what we do, how far we run… we can never hide from his love. Praise the Lord.

    Hug to you

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