The Wonder of Determination: An Inspiring Story

Margaret —  January 4, 2013 — 12 Comments


I recently read the story of triple amputee Corporal Todd Love, who lost two legs and one arm in Afghanistan in 2010. He completed The Beast—a ten-plus mile race over rugged terrain with more than 75 obstacles with his 8-man team. Rather than view himself as a victim, he sees himself as an overcomer. Check out the images below:

Corporal Todd Love

Corporal Todd Love

I find myself wonderstruck by Todd's shift in perspective-- from victim to overcomer. How often do we need that shift in perspective in our own lives? To read more about Todd's story, click here.


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12 responses to The Wonder of Determination: An Inspiring Story

  1. Sometimes because of pride we think we have to do life alone. What I am struck by in the first image is those around Todd helping him over the wall. He could have been stubborn, like I am many days, and said “I am going to do this race alone! I do not need anybody”. Somebody like Todd probably could have done this and completed the race. But when we allow others into our stories we learn dependence. We learn that we are in great need. We need somebody to come into our story in a much greater level and help us, rescue us, set us free! When we let others in, we get a glimpse of Jesus. We become wonderstruck by the incredible presence that Jesus really is with us everyday and is often experienced through relationships with other people.

    Let somebody into your story, it is hard because you have to be humbled but you will see new heights!

    • Philip,
      So true–how much we need each other…but we also need each other to be willing to receive from one another…

      • Can you develop that thought a bit more? “we need each other to be willing to receive from one another…” by this do you mean we need each other to be willing to step into our story and be there for us? I find that is the easy part. For me to enter into somebody elses story and meet there need is easy. Its rewarding. Letting people into my story and showing my need; that is the difficult part for me.

  2. Philip,
    For me, being the needy one is the hard part! Sounds like we struggle with the same things!

  3. I am always amazed at those who have lost limbs but go on to do fantastic things with their lives. They are truly an inspiration to us all. I don’t know if I would have Todd’s courage. In such a case I would be relying desperately on God to get through it and I definitely could not do it by myself.

  4. That second photo just is stunning.
    I look at my defeats — which pale in comparison — and how poorly I’ve handled them.

    Something about pressing on and overcoming is more than ‘mind over matter.’ It’s a belief that God will come. “Don’t leave until you bless me” said the woman to Jesus. And He honors that kind of determination.

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