The Little Miracle Behind the Recording of the Wonderstruck Audiobook

Margaret —  October 21, 2013 — 16 Comments

The Little Miracle Behind the Recording of the Wonderstruck Audiobook

I recently spent two days in the studio recording Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God on audiobook in a studio in Denver. An entire Wednesday and Friday were reserved for the recording.

I’d never been to the studio before and the man handling the recording happened to be a Christian—even offered to pray with me before we began taping on Wednesday. Very kind.

When I returned to the studio on Friday, I asked, “How was your Thursday?”

"Terrible!" he said.

His cousin had committed suicide.

"But these things happen in three's," he said. "So this should be the last one."

"Excuse me," I said. "What do you mean?"

"Well, a friend from church died this week, then another friend died, and now this one." he said. "These things come in threes, right? So this is the last one."

I expressed my condolences—unsure of what words could offer comfort in such the face of such tremendous loss.

We began taping.

As I read through the chapters of Wonderstruck, I sensed a softening in his heart. I read "The Miracle at the End of the Runway"—the story of the woman whose husband died in a plane crash, her life and limb mangled, but still chooses to express gratitude.

The man stopped the taping and asked, "How did God manage to orchestrate all of this to bring you here this week?"

"I'm left wonderstruck," I said.

“That’s the only word for it,” he replied.

The man didn’t know about the delays behind the recording. The fact that these were the only two days I had to record in a three-month timeframe. And other behind-the-scenes details that made the timing of the recording improbable.

Through Wonderstruck, he heard story after story of the goodness of God, the faithfulness of God, the love of God even in the midst of heartache and pain. [Tweet this]

The Little Miracle Behind the Recording of the Wonderstruck Audiobook

Even in the audiobook recording of this silly little book and Bible study, Wonderstruck, God keeps astounding us with wonder upon wonder. His faithfulness. His grace. His orchestrating circumstances and details….wonderstruck, indeed. [Tweet this]

Pick up a copy of Wonderstruck on Audiobook, today—click here!

What moments or conversations have left you WONDERSTRUCK lately?

16 responses to The Little Miracle Behind the Recording of the Wonderstruck Audiobook

  1. He is truly an amazing God…and how He loves us so…I am so very excited to hear there is an audio…my favorite thing is to listen to the author read their own book…the heart and the spirit of you and others are felt when you read…each word seems to feel more powerful…it’s almost like getting to have a conversation with you.
    Seeing so many moments this week that fit into….for such a a time as this…God has done some of the sweetest things for me and my family …He is bring such beauty for ashes!!!!

  2. It is so amazing the way that God orchestrates everything perfectly. Thanks for sharing. (There’s also the miracle of a young woman on chemotherapy who just keeping doing her thing for God!)

    Love and Prayers,

  3. Margaret, Inspired and in awe, as always at the ways God continues to use you. Hoping to see you in Pigeon Forge soon 🙂

  4. I love that! And of course, why wouldn’t God do that? He loves that man and wants him to feel intimate God-kind of love! Thank you for encouraging today, Margaret!!

  5. God’s tenderness and timing all colliding into your day. Surely “our times are in His hands.”

  6. Margaret, I love how God showed Himself to that man through your recording, and how it blessed you, too. It reminds me of a small miracle that happened to me this weekend, too. At a Women of Faith event, I felt nudged to hand the woman in front of me a copy of my book, A Friend in the Storm. She sat there during the conference reading it. I could see her wiping her eyes as she read, and I wondered what was going on.. At the end of the conference, she hugged me and told me, “You have no idea how much I needed this book right now.” I felt so honored and blessed to see God move in the midst of daily life. God bless you, Margaret. Thanks for blessing us with your blessing! xo

  7. Thank you for sharing. This week, God’s showing me how to petition with thanksgiving (Phil.4:4-7) so his peace will guard my heart. You are an example. Thank you.

  8. Margaret, I attended the “Renew Conference” at Eliot Baptist church in Eliot, Maine on Saturday. It was AWESOME! I wanted to share the excitement when the woman aside of me saw the “Wonderstruck” audio book on the book table. You see there was a woman in attendance who was blind and she knew how much hearing your voice and the words would bring her back to such an enjoyable, memorable and blessed day she had. Thanks for all you do to encourage women. I’ll never look at a red balloon the same. Thank you and God bless. Praying for you and Leif.

    • Thank you sweet Debi for your encouragement! We loved our time at the Renew Conference. Your prayers mean more than you know!!

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