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Even after speaking to audiences of more than a decade to audiences of 10,000 and more, I’m still a passionate student committed to learning how to become a better communicator every chance I get.

Here are 3 tips I wish someone had told me before I ever stepped on stage:

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Writer's Boot Camp: 4 Secrets

Welcome to Writer’s Boot Camp—a place where I’m not here to inspire or encourage you, but to get you writing your best. To understand the rules of the Boot Camp, you need to read “Writer’s Boot Camp Week: Why I Hate Talking About Writing” so you don’t get kicked out.

You may also want to read yesterday’s post: "21 Things No One Will Tell You As a Writer (But Someone Probably Should)."

Writing demands that you come to terms with the creative life—a rush of emotions, observations, adoration, ironies, coupled with the every day demands of paying a mortgage, caring for a family, and oh, yeah, dirty laundry. [Tweet this]

I’ve been writing for more than 15 years. I’m hopeful that in another 50 I might become good.

For those who want to write or unleash their creativity, enough hours never exist in any day. Never.

You must make time where time does not exist. [Tweet this]

You must find energy where energy does not exist. [Tweet this]

You must master the art of making something out of nothing. [Tweet this]

That requires prayer and intentional living. Here are 4 Secrets To Becoming a Better Writer: [Tweet this] Continue Reading...


I poured my heart, my soul, and everything I’ve learned in 15 years of writing into Wonderstruck. When the book didn’t come out right the first time, I rewrote it.

Word. For. Word.

Then I went through another 50 drafts with friends and editors reading and rereading to try to get every image, every word just right.

We developed a launch team called “Partymob” which more than 400 people applied to be a part of—many of whom filled their blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Pinterest pages announcing the news of the book. Their emails, notes, and shout outs and brought so much encouragement and joy that some days it’s been overwhelming.

Meanwhile, I’ve prayed thousands of prayers. More than anything I’ve asked God that the Holy Spirit saturate the writing in such a way people feel as if they’re drinking from the chilled spring of Christ on a steamy summer day. It’s a big prayer, but one our wonder-ful God can answer.

And tomorrow, Christmas Day, Wonderstruck releases.

My friend, Mark Batterson, likes to say, “Work like it depends on you and pray like it depends on God.”

I know I have done everything I can do.

I know our team has done everything they can do.

Now we need God to do what only God can do.

I wrote this book to God’s glory and now I lift it up once again in prayer to Him.

I take a deep breath, inhale a sense that everything now rests in His hands.

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