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Some of God’s greatest wonders await us when we allow ourselves to hope. [Tweet this]

Spend ten minutes today creating a list of things you’d like to see God do in your life and the lives of those around you. Write down things you’d do, places you’d visit, and situations you’d encounter if anything were possible. Continue Reading...

Are you Spiritually Asleep? (Plus What in the World is Wonderstruck Wednesday?)

As Wonderstruck hit the shelves, we invited you to join us as we spent 21 days praying for wonder and living wide awake to the way God chose to respond. The 21 Days of Wonder left people awestruck by how God reveals himself—God is truly busting at the seams to display his power, love, and might in our lives. [Tweet this]

Each Wednesday, we’re challenging you to find the wonder in your life— those moments of spiritual awakening that spark our curiosity to know God more. [Tweet this] We’re praying that each week you cup your hands in prayer and scrunch your face against the vault of heaven in childlike expectation. As you pray for wonder, may you be wonderstruck.

But if I’m honest with you, despite the breathtaking and transformative moments of God that I’ve experienced, all too often I live in a spiritual deep sleep, missing the moment. Continue Reading...

Are You Living Wonderstruck? 15+ Ways To Awaken to Wonder Today

We recently asked Facebook friends how they’re awaking to the wonder of God in their lives as they’re reading Wonderstruck and going through the 7-session Wonderstruck DVD Bible Study.

Here are 15+ ways to awaken to the Wonder of God every day:

1. Returned to work after two weeks on short term disability and seeing the faces of my sweet kiddos excited to see me and full of hugs. God is so good!  –Amber

2. The moon over the snow covered mountains this morning! –Becky

3. Join the Wonderstruck Book Club-- hosted by my sweet friend, Shelly Miller (Redemption's Beauty) and Duane Scott (Scribing the Journey). Beginning April 3rd, they will begin an online group discussion as they read through Wonderstruck. Learn how to join, here.

4. If you're looking to LIVEWONDERSTRUCK in deeper ways, join over 200+ people from around the world and the Women's Bible Cafe as they use Wonderstruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God 7-Session Bible Study beginning on April 22nd. The online discussion takes place on Facebook and on the Women's Bible Cafe website. And guess what? It's free to join. Sign up, here.

5. A friend got to reconcile and pray with her mother after having no contact for 20 years. When the daughter asked her mom how she was feeling, she said, “Redeemed!” –Natalie Continue Reading...

When God Feels 10,000 Miles Away

If you’re feeling disconnected or far away from God, I’d like to offer you a word of encouragement from the book of Isaiah: Continue Reading...


The wonders of God’s creation surround us—from slinging comets to creating the scaly creatures that slither around the earth, God is the Master Creator. [Tweet this] Take a walk around your yard or nearby park. Find a tree, plant, flower, or piece of vegetation and really study it. Notice the vines, leaves, colors, smells, and textures. Continue Reading...