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Learn More about Jewish Midrash: The Organic God is Finally Releasing in Paperback & Ebook

After six years as a hardback book and 11 printings, Zondervan is releasing The Organic God in paperback and on Nook, Kindle, and ebook formats. [Tweet this] (Note: It’s already available as an audiobook and Bible study.)

Not only did The Organic God receive a starred-review by Publisher’s Weekly, but the book attracted wide-spread national media attention including mentions in the Washington Post and Dallas Morning News.

The Organic God book and Bible study takes a look at the attributes of God that we don’t talk about as much—God’s bigheartedness, stubbornness, beauty and mystery. [Tweet this] The book invites readers to take off all the “filters” and “pollutants” that contaminate our spiritual lives and fall in love with God all over again.

Here’s an interview excerpt from  in which they ask about the book and Jewish midrash: Continue Reading...

The Washington Post just published an article that I've been working on regarding the Christmas Wars.The fight over what kind wish the person checking us out at local retailers has made national news for enough Christmases to leave everyone weary. Jon Stewart recently suggested that if the Christmas Wars have become anything, they've become "predictable." And at some level that's true .But with Charlie Brown becoming the center of the latest debate this week, they're a long way from being over.Check out this story:

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