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For the last few weeks, a single phrase rings through my core:

Don’t Miss Your Moment

I sensed it when I held my precious five-week-old twin nephews this summer.

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How to Get the Most from Reading the Bible: 9 Tips, Tricks, and RemindersI wanted to offer you a handful of my go-to tips and tricks when reading the Bible.

Whether you joined us for the Pursuing God online Summer Bible Study, are leading a Bible study at your church, or seeking to know how to be a better Bible reader, my hope and prayer is that today, Scripture will pop off the page in a fresh way.

That the wonders of Scripture will leave you breathless and wanting more of Christ. That you’ll spend time digging in God’s word and be wonderstruck by God. 

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Writer's Boot Camp: 12 Tips to Becoming A Better Writer

You’ve made it. Phew. Final day of Writer’s Boot Camp Week. [Tweet this]

I knew you could do it. All three of you who survived.

This week we’ve covered:

In today’s final post, I wanted to offer some practical tips on becoming a better writer. You may have heard some of these ideas or themes earlier this week. But here they are as a quick reference guide.

Remember that if you want to become a better writer, you must write—typos and all. [Tweet this]

Here are 12 tips to becoming a better writer: [Tweet this]

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I’ve always struggled with being a little different from everyone else. My story never seemed to sound like everyone else’s story. Let me give you an example.

Sometimes people will ask me, “Where do your parents live?”

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6 tips

I recently sat in a meeting at a mega church preparing with the leadership team for the service. Instead of simply introducing me as the speaker and providing a quick bio or short story, they wanted to interview me so the church members could get to know me better.

Most of the questions were easy-peasy. Where are you from? What’s your favorite pastime? Tell us about Hershey.

Then the interviewer asked, “If you could swim in a huge pool of anything, what would it be?”

Most of you probably already know your answer to that question.

I was completely stumped. “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Like a pool of jellybeans,” she explained.

Oh. I’d like to swim in a pool of water.

Can you hear the thunderous gong? How about the loud buzzer? Can you see the crane pulling me off stage?

For those of us who aren’t good on our feet, someone will say something snappy, and we’ll have a witty comeback . . . three days later. Sometimes the simplest questions, comments, and interactions throw us for a loop.

Ask me to “wing it” and I splat on the ground. Guts everywhere.

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