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Our Gift To You: FREE Reading Plan For The 40-Day Bible Reading ChallengeThis Lent I sensed God nudging me to read the entire Bible through in 40-days preceding Easter.  I selected The Message Bible for its readability and fresh prose. I invited people to join in. More than 5000 people around the world downloaded The 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge.

Over the last two months, I’ve heard from pastors, friends, moms, dads, grandmas, and more who have been diving into the Scripture and drinking in the fullness of God’s Word at the pace of about 30 chapters a day.

But along the way, I’ve also heard from many of you who said, “I wish I would have known sooner!” and “I really want to do this!” Continue Reading...

What I learned about God and myself after Reading the Entire Bible in 40 Days

I can’t believe The 40-Day Bible Reading Challenge is over. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out. You can grab a FREE reading plan, here.

We began around February 14 —a day of love and we concluded on the eve of Easter—another day of love.

Some days the reading was easy and delightful. Other days it felt brutally hard. Some days the Word came alive, anew, afresh. Other days, it felt stale, dry, and distant. Some days the discipline boiled down to checking a box. Other days I didn’t want to stop reading.

Along the way, I learned a few things about myself: Continue Reading...


Thousands of people have joined in reading through the Bible during the 40 Days of Lent this year. People have invited their small groups, friends, spouses, neighbors, and co-workers to join in.

We’re already in Week Four of the Wonderstruck by Scripture 40 Day Bible Reading Guide. That means that by the end of this week we’re more than half way through.

If you’ve fallen behind, here are some tips on how to catch up.

As you’re reading and preparing your heart for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter morning, I want to offer you a jolly dose of encouragement.

God is doing more in you through this season of Lent than you realize! [Tweet this]

1. Notice What You’re Reaching For. Making a commitment to read the entire Bible during Lent is changing me—and I bet it’s changing you too! Continue Reading...


We’re already done with Week One of reading the 40-Day Bible Challenge of reading or listening to the entire Bible as an audiobook (free copies here!) during Lent. It’s going fast. We never expected nearly 2000 people to download the free 40-Day Reading Guide in the first 24 hours. You can grab your copy by clicking here.

And we never expected to hear from so many of you—churches printing the guide in their bulletins to encourage congregations to join, men and women inviting their friends to join in the reading and share what they’re learning in small groups and online, and individuals like a sweet man who wrote me and said he grew up Catholic and has never read the entire Bible but he’s determined to do it for Lent this year. Whoohoo! Continue Reading...