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Before and After Pictures of What It Looks Like to Be Spiritually Ripped

You've seen the ads.

A photo of a pot-bellied, hairy man who looks unhappy is posed next to the same man, newly shaved, tanned with ripped abs and a toned body.

Well, now, stories are emerging of people who are debunking the myth of the before and after shots that circulate online all too often as marketing for weight loss programs.

People are revealing these "before and after" gimmicky weight loss shots for what many of them are: schemes.

A great example is Andrew Dixon via Twenty Two. These photos are taken within hours of one another: Continue Reading...

21 Days of Wonder: Stillness

Margaret —  January 24, 2013 — 9 Comments

21 Days of Wonder STILLNESS

Wonders await in the stillness. Depending on the weather where you are, prepare a cup of hot peppermint tea or pour a glass of sweet tea. Fill a mug with dark hot chocolate and marshmallows or open a can of Cheerwine—whatever your favorite beverage may be. Continue Reading...

21 Days of Wonder: Silence

Margaret —  January 21, 2013 — 20 Comments

21 Days of Wonder SILENCE

God often chooses to reveal the wonder of himself in quiet moments. Sit in silence for twenty minutes. Set an alarm if need be, so you know how much time has passed. Keep paper and pen nearby to write down any fluttering thoughts. Continue Reading...

Wednesdays with Walter

Margaret —  October 28, 2009 — Leave a comment

Walter Brueggemann

It's no secret that we continue to celebrate "Wednesdays with Walter". For those of you who missed the story behind Wednesdays with Walter, please click HERE.

Brueggemann has a gift to bring hidden thoughts of the soul to light before God. We invite you to join us for "Wednesdays With Walter" as you dive deeper in your own relation with God and prayer life:

You live at the hinge
You brood in the night in its fearfulness,
You dawn the day in its energy,
you move at the edge of night
into the margin of day.
you live at the hinge between fear and energy.
You take the feeble night and give us strong day,
you take our fatigue and bestow courage,
you take our drowsy reluctance and fashion full-blooded zeal.
What shall we say?
you, only you, you
you at the hinge'and then the day.
You'and then us,
from you in faithfulness
us for the day,
us in freedom and courage and energy,
and then back to you'in trust and gratitude.